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Search results

  1. Caribbean Kat

    Fyre Breathing Dragons Wanted!

    If you hunger for Spire Gold, Bonus Tourny Chests, FA Loot, Massive AW KP and Rune Swaps come nest in our Dragon Den. We're housecleaning and slumbering Dragons will be swept out in favor of hungry pups. If you WANT IT ALL and are willing to share with your Den Mates contact me for a spot in our...
  2. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre could be your new happy home

    We are seeking a well-rounded player to fill an upcoming planned vacancy in time for the next FA. Must be fun daily player who enjoys all facets of this game and participates at a high level for maximum rewards. We offer highly active KP and RUNE Swap chains for rapid leveling up of your AWs...
  3. Caribbean Kat

    Daily long time player seeking new FS

    Please consider Elven Dragonfyre. I think you will enjoy our Fellows and the rewards we capture is all aspects of the game. 6 VERY ACTIVE KP Swap chains and rewarding team scouting of outland KP chest opportunities. We are very well balanced for trading and very generous with bonus trades...
  4. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre seeking more Spire Gold

    Looking for a few dedicated players who enjoy Spire Gold, Tourny Bonus Chests and FA rewards. We've got a proven team you can fly with and help us loot, plunder and scorch! Check out our Overview Page for simple rules and goals and to see our Badges, Medals and FS achievements. Any boosts...
  5. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre Seeks 2

    Sadly, we are losing 2 players to RL obligations. Here's your chance to join a FS that gets 10+ Chests every week, Silver Spire Weekly, Gold Spire Monthly (recruiting to achieve Gold weekly), Top 5 FA routinely. We offer 6 KP Sharing Chains for rapid AW upgrades. Trades are quickly filled...
  6. Caribbean Kat

    Highly Ranked FS Seeking Advanced player

    We offer 10+ Chests weekly, Top 5 FA, Monthly Gold Spire (Silver ALL other weeks), 6 KP Swap Chains and vigorous trading. Great personalities make our Team fun to boot. Looking for a real go-getter to support our efforts to be the best in all phases of this great game. Planks/Silk/Gems boosts...
  7. Caribbean Kat

    10+ Chests Weekly, Gold Spire Monthly, FA Top 5 Regularly, Strong KP Sharing

    Sound like the ideal FS? That and a ton of personality is US! We'll have one opening coming at the end of the current event (week from today). Looking for a real go-getter to support our efforts to be the best in all phases of this great game. Message me for consideration. Caribbean Kat...
  8. Caribbean Kat

    Sorcerer's Homecoming Glitch

    Same problem here on Arendyll. Countdown clock running behind a padlock. No event.
  9. Caribbean Kat

    ELVEN DRAGONFYRE seeking strong team player

    Boosts of Marble, Crystal; Elixir would be most helpful, but not essential. Must support team efforts in Spire, Tournament and FA. Bring your sense of humor. We're competitive but FUN, FUN, FUN. Six very active KP Sharing Chains will get your AWs upgraded super fast. Check our OVERVIEW PAGE...
  10. Caribbean Kat

    Seeking Very Active Team Player

    Elven DragonFyre is hoping to fill one opening in time for a big FA push. We offer high rewards in weekly Tournaments (11+ Chests), Spire (Silver Medal every week, trying to improve to Gold), terrific trading and 6 VERY ACTIVE KP Swap Chains. We have an organized system for high placement in...
  11. Caribbean Kat

    Looking for new home.

    Sending you a message in game.
  12. Caribbean Kat

    Highly Ranked FS Seeking Active Adventurers

    Get here soon and get settled in for a fun ride for the upcoming FS Adventure. We are very competitive and successful in Spire(Silver every week), Tourny (11+Chest Average}, Adventures(Top 5) and KP Swaps(6 VERY active chains+ bonus scouting), so only fun, well rounded players need apply...
  13. Caribbean Kat


    It would be WONDERFUL if we could trade in extra artifacts for needed ones, even if it cost two-for-one again. I have SO MANY odd ball extra Artifacts and many of my Fellows do too. A crafting recipe would be the cat's meow!
  14. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre Recruiting Marble, Silk ACTIVE Player

    Want to grow your city while having fun with great Teammates? Our Den is the the place for you! 10 Chests or more EVERY WEEK. SILVER MEDAL EVERY WEEK, hoping to grow to GOLD very soon. TOP TEN FA every time but one. 6 VERY ACTIVE KP Swap Chains. Busy Trade Board. Generous Bonus Trade...
  15. Caribbean Kat

    Red flag for expired buildings

    Great idea! I think this would be really helpful. Gotta say, I too have occasionally found a skeleton or two hanging around wasting valuable space and had replacements languishing in inventory waiting to move in.
  16. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre Recruiting

    Fun, active, well rounded players will enjoy our FS. Please review our OVERVIEW PAGE for Rules and Goals and if you are ready to SOAR send me a message for consideration. The rewards are great when Teamwork makes the Dream work! Caribbean Kat Archmage Elven DragonFyre
  17. Caribbean Kat

    Find your new home with a winning team before September FSA!

    One spot left - won't last long. Send me a message quickly if you want to get in on this week's 10 Chest Rewards and the Next FA and Spire rewards. We make it simple, stress free and fun. Tailored to your cities resources.
  18. Caribbean Kat

    Find your new home with a winning team before September FSA!

    Elven DragonFyre is the Team to play FSA with. We're organized and stressless and have a proven track record in the Top Ten. We put the lie to "FSA is no fun/not worth the efforts". We currently have two openings for well rounded players who enjoy FSA (Top Ten), Spire (Top Ten) and Tourny(10...
  19. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre seeking 2 well rounded players

    If you love the challenges of Spire, Tourny and FA, are a steady trader, visitor and KP sharer you really should make us your new home Den. We are fun, supportive, competitive and successful. Grow your city without drama or overbearing pressures. SOAR ON DRAGON WINGS OVER ELVENAR with us...
  20. Caribbean Kat

    Looking for a new home - thx all! found one!!

    Elven DragonFyre is recruiting. Looking for well rounded Team player who enjoys FA, Tourny and Spire and is a steady trader and KP sharer. You'll get great support, no drama and a lot of fun people to play with. Great rewards for your efforts.