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Search results

  1. Grid Gypsy

    If FA badges can't stack, how about an "Always On Top" feature for collection?

    Hopefully I tagged this correctly. I play almost entirely on PC, so this may not apply to mobile. I think PC users all know how old it gets when having to switch in and out of the tournament windows for badge collection during FA, especially when you sometimes have a badge complete after each...
  2. Grid Gypsy

    Crisis Averted, but new members are always welcome.

    Kattegat's Lege currently has 1196 points on the Spire with 3 more climbers working hard to finish at the top. Unfortunately, one of our members is MIA, and if they continue to be a no show we will be 7 points shy of gold. We're looking for someone willing to jump in and do at least one level...
  3. Grid Gypsy

    Kattegat's Lege is currently full

    The Lege is a friendly, somewhat nutty group with the aim of growing our cities in a stress-free environment while still earning plenty of rewards together as a team. We open 10+ chests in Tournament each week with a minimum point requirement of 1400. Once that 10th chest is finished however...