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Search results

  1. iamthouth

    Easy Provinces Strategy

    I took a long break in Ch19 from scouting at 600 provinces completed, but have recently started again in anticipation of Ch20 release. My green ones are 17 away, 18 away is yellow.
  2. iamthouth

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The WittyCoon is shown as Witty Raccoon on ElvenArchitect (but WittyCoon in the address). Good seeds producer in the top chapters at 3x3.
  3. iamthouth

    How long would you say chapters take?(I know it varies)

    Yes, that is based on my documented progress in the threads for those chapters. I have a goal of getting to the end of the available chapters, though that has meant I can't tourney as high as other players, because I don't have the fighting wonders built up. And I enjoy ElvenArchitect, so have...
  4. iamthouth

    How long would you say chapters take?(I know it varies)

    And latest chapters 16, 17, 18 took about 3-3.5 months, with ch19 taking 4-5 months.
  5. iamthouth

    New Game Features History of Wonder Upgrades

    I keep my own records for my wonders, but I think this is so specific to a particular out of game chosen method of doing wonders that I wouldn't support it in-game. The KP threads work better in that when people reply, that is the record of them committing KP to a person.
  6. iamthouth

    Forwarded Fellowship Spire tab

    Thank you for keeping us informed.
  7. iamthouth

    Hire a merchant

    Just noticed that my no. 3 merchant costs went from 124mill with Main Hall lvl 42 to 140mill with Main Hall lvl 43.
  8. iamthouth

    Ch19 BTG 31 not adding correct value in production boost

    This can be closed. I confused my 41% boost of the storage capacity from Vortex of Storage Lvl 24, with 42% production boost capacity of the BTG. My apologies.
  9. iamthouth

    Ch19 BTG 31 not adding correct value in production boost

    Have submitted a ticket for this now.
  10. iamthouth

    Help to find discussion on chapter 16

    @Talaedraiia See https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/how-to-get-through-chapters-16-to-19.31422/post-262028 and links embedded there.
  11. iamthouth

    Discussion Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    Now 10 weeks into the chapter, still making progress, but middle part of the chapter slowed down considerably. I will complete Optimally Prepared Main Hall research later today. I am on quest 59 (Unlock Optimally Prepared Workshops + Unlock Optimally Prepared Main Hall). I have a lvl 32 steel...
  12. iamthouth


    I keep a spreadsheet of my diamonds, how many used and won, and I did receive mine.
  13. iamthouth

    Recent difficulties with FA Coin badge and coins for event quests

    MH42 gives 700,000 when others help, which is 0.5% of 140,000,000 capacity. It gives me 210,000 when I help neighbours. Not sure about how many times the 700,000 can be given before collecting, but 140,000,000 divided by 700,000 is 200.
  14. iamthouth

    Opening: Shangri-La (Rank 2, Gold Spire, 16 chest tournament)

    Shangri-La is seeking one more active spire topping member, with at least 2K tournament each week. Seeking late chapter, min 1mill score. Steel or Silk boost preferred. Friendly, helpful group, no drama. Achieves Spire Gold (275 diamonds) each week, and 16 chests in tournament, pushing for more...
  15. iamthouth

    Elven Architect

    @BrinDarby Dwarven Citadel set is there now on https://www.elvenarchitect.com/buildings/sets/
  16. iamthouth

    How to get through chapters 16 to 19

    Hi @satchmo33 I'd tried to paint a picture in the chapter threads for each chapter: Chapter 16 & Ch16 follow up Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 I notice you don't have any Beer Festival or Tea Houses, which will help the settlement production. You are possibly suffering from only having 1...
  17. iamthouth

    Ultimate power ... end of game

    I haven't reached the end yet @samidodamage (you are too kind haha), but will in a month or two. Most players from what I understand continue to work on their ancient wonders, upgrade any remaining buildings, reorganise to minimise roads, and build up instants, portal profits and resources in...
  18. iamthouth

    Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    Hi @Henroo, I haven't done the fine math, but yes, I believe it is worthwhile. Hubs lvl 3 produce 33% more than lv 2 for 16.67% more cost in medals. My gate was busy all the time back half of the chapter. My BTG was same lvl as yours. The tech is a mandatory research as well.
  19. iamthouth

    Ch19 BTG 31 not adding correct value in production boost

    Game version: v1.156.3-(0a425eb) - html5 (2022-07-21 22:13) Game world: S6 Sinya Arda Browser + version: Opera Operating System: Win 10 Screen resolution: N/A Account name: iamthouth Humans or Elves: Human Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens...
  20. iamthouth

    Moving buildings around without having to delete any

    @Moe471 here is my version. All buildings are your existing ones. Excess roads placed left of map, lowest versions first. All buildings connected. Rooms left to grow your residences, Silk Manufactories and to build more granite mines and copper foundries. You should focus on producing only...