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Search results

  1. MichaelMichael

    Mighty Wolves seek a fresh wolf to grow the pack

    We are a top 40 fellowship with all daily players with one slot currently open. Our ideal new player plays daily most days climbs high in the spire and scores 1,000 or more every week in the tourney. Our goals in order of importance are: 1. Continued success and growth in the tourney - we...
  2. MichaelMichael

    What is a fair return on KPs given (not traded) to other players?

    For clarity, I'd like to limit the discussion to when the AW is not near completion and the gift is at risk to be outbid. My thoughts are no more than about 80% of what expected value of the next lower chest. Example: If the top chest is worth 4 Shards (15 points) and 65 in KP instants -...
  3. MichaelMichael

    Red Panda - should it be Fed all the time? (HIGH CHAPTER QUESTION)

    This is a question only for those that have completed most if not all of the Elvenar chapters - if you haven't completed chapter 17 or so this is a moot point. It is not worth it. Also if you don't do at least 35 provinces in the Tourney and complete the spire every week, this is also not a...
  4. MichaelMichael

    Winter Lampions - Who Really has the MOST?

    I know there are crafters out there just counting between their opportunities to acquire this most value valuable filler to their inventories -ideal for lining bird cages or perhaps one day getting to the front of the line for disenchantment. I know I cannot win this category but I offer my 22...
  5. MichaelMichael

    Fellowship lists should show both Player counts and Active Player counts

    It would be helpful if fellowships list showed, not just the number of players, but the number of ACTIVE Players. Active means they played recently (e.g signed into) Elvenar; recently meaning the last 7 days, but 14 or 30 days also would work. Also, a radio button/game setting to EXCLUDE...
  6. MichaelMichael

    Top 50 Fellowship Looking for new members

    We are mostly day players and currently have 3 openings. We score 10 chests on the spire and 12 in the tourney each week with some new blood we hope to go gold on the spire. We have just one minimum performance requirement is averaging 1,000 points in the tourney. Everything else is optional...
  7. MichaelMichael

    How do you remove a missing ArchMage?

    Our ArchMage on Arendyll, has not played for 9 months. I have been acting in that role for over a year. Is there any way to have the ArchMage removed? We are a top 40 felllowship and having a dead slot is something we would like to eliminate. I am guessing she bought enough diamonds that she...
  8. MichaelMichael

    Fighting Wolves (top 40) fellowship is recruiting

    We periodically get openings and have one opening right now. We complete 11 or 12 chests in the tourney and 10 chests on the spire. We are looking for daily players that can average 1,000 points in the tourney. Beyond the tourney points we have few rules. Spire participation is optional but...
  9. MichaelMichael

    Looking for a Daily player - MIghty Wolves

    We win 10 or 11 chests every week in the Tourney. We are also active in the spire earning 7 or 8 chests every week. We have players from Chapter 3 through Chapter 16. We do not have any firm rules other than being polite and respectful of others. That said an ideal new player would be expected...