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Search results

  1. Lemon Wren

    FS's Get Fellowship Points From Clearing FA Waypoints, Right?

    Just trying to get clarity on this. Thanks in advance!
  2. Lemon Wren

    Possible/Adviseable to Have Zero AWs?

    I have four cities, across three accounts. They are all human. Three are built for fighting and one is strictly casual. My main city is in Wood Elves and has the usual complement of AWs - GA, Needles, Sanctuary, Mountain Halls, etc., including a BGT that I built strictly because I thought it was...
  3. Lemon Wren

    Marble No Longer Needed?

    It takes me a long while to notice stuff, but I finally noticed that in every city trader, the predominate asks are for Steel and Scrolls, followed by Wood. Marble is rarely asked for and then, of course, 50,000bazillion asks from Gems, and to a lesser extent, Dust and Elixer folks wanting to...
  4. Lemon Wren

    Does the Spire Seem More Difficult This Week?

    My main FS is going for gold this week and while I usually don't have any particular trouble with it, this time has been pretty terrible. For example, I normally activate one, maybe two, troop boosts, to help fight bosses and save goods, but this time despite having three troop boosts going and...
  5. Lemon Wren

    Inno Should Sell a Winter Background with Falling Snow for Year Round Use

    It's so pretty. I'd buy it, provided it wasn't a ludicrous amount.
  6. Lemon Wren

    Is Needles Really All That Helpful?

    I'm considering getting rid of my Needles wonder. It's level 6. I'm currently in a holding pattern at the end of Fairies (not ready to start Orcs quite yet), and I also have a GA, Sanctuary, Endless Excavation, Mountain Halls and a Prosperity Towers. I do a combination of catering and fighting...
  7. Lemon Wren

    Want to Plan for Orcs Chapter. Any Tips to Make it as Speedy as Possible?

    I'm nearing the end of Fairies and love how it looks. I'm going to be here several more weeks, as I don't move into a new chapter until I have my city entirely upgraded, layout changes made, etc. While I'm doing this, any suggestions on what to stock up to make Orcs go as fast as possible? I...
  8. Lemon Wren

    What Buildings Are Worth Royal Restorations?

    I feel like I have too many older buildings in my primary city, but for one reason or another I prefer many of them to newer stuff I've earned. Either the size works well or, more usually, I prefer the aesthetics.* So some of them I've kept leveled with RR's, but others I'm not so sure. What...
  9. Lemon Wren

    Genie Doesn't Seem Worth It?

    I have a Genie at level 4 (not sure that matters), while I'm currently in Dwarves (level 6). It has another three weeks left to go, but honestly, after collecting another 5% coin boost again, I'm tempted to just scrap it to get the 12 squares to use doing something else that seems more...
  10. Lemon Wren

    How Do I See What Badges I've Made But Not Submitted Yet?

    In the FA, how can I see what I've made that I can't submit yet? Is it the little tri color icon on the top right of the FA map screen? The one with the drop down menu?
  11. Lemon Wren

    Do I Need to Be a Minimum Level to Join a FS?

    Hi helpful people! I ended up leaving a casual FS, filled with wonderful people, for a competitive FS, which is also filled with wonderful people. I miss the people from the first FS, however, so I created a second account and managed to get it on the same server, but I can't click on the shield...
  12. Lemon Wren

    Speedier Barracks?

    Everyone here is so helpful I thought I'd ask another question, after not easily figuring out the answer through Google. I'm currently in chapter 5 and just built Needles for my archers. One of the features is that it makes barracks training faster, but I feel like this just means that my...
  13. Lemon Wren

    Ancient Wonders?

    As I've mentioned in other threads, I'm a new player taking my time in chapter 5. So far I'm enjoying the spire and the tourneys (after thinking I'd play to make beautiful cities). I'm currently bringing all my manufactories up to max capacity, while leveling up housing for population and...
  14. Lemon Wren

    What's a Reasonable Turn Around Time Trading Goods?

    I'm a new player - started in February and am currently in chapter 5. I have only boosteds, as it's the only thing that makes sense for the ROI. I'm in the process of leveling up all my manufactories for optimal production for the spire and tourneys. (I also have buildings for a basic amount of...
  15. Lemon Wren

    Newbie Questions Potpourri

    Hi. Been playing a couple of months now, I'm in Chapter 3 and I think I have more questions now than I did when I started when my only intention was to build a fun city. In no particular order: Fellowship Adventures. I'm in my first one now and I feel like it just appeared without warning. Are...
  16. Lemon Wren

    Questions About Supplies and Trading

    I started playing a month ago and feel stuck at towards the end of chapter two. My boosted tier one good is marble and I have four manufactories at the highest level build, along with one each wood and steel at lower production capacities. My problem is that the few players in the trader also...