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Search results

  1. Moho

    Time, Space & People

    Have you ever watched "Love, Death + Robots"? It is a collection of animated short stories for grownups. I find it interesting but my wife does not enjoy it because it feels like staring into the abyss. The name of the thread paraphrases the title of this adult cartoon. I remember someone here...
  2. Moho

    What do you think of Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl (SPOILER ALERT)

    Lamb to the Slaugher by Roald Dahl is a classic. The implication (or conclusion) is Mary Maloney gets away with murder but frankly I doubt she really can. I don't know what's gotten into me, and probably it's not the best place to bring this up, but I'm curious to see whether other people...
  3. Moho

    What improvements does my city need?

    Like everyone playing Elvenar, probably, I constantly wonder how I can best improve my city. The city I am talking about in this thread is my first city, the one that I started about a year ago. I'm not planning an overhaul, but some sensible polishing of what I already have here. And there are...
  4. Moho

    Comic Strip

    What about a comic strip. I've prepared a template that everybody can use. People could use it as is, modify it, or come up with their own design. I have considered Sir Squirrel's observation here: As a result, there is relatively large picture here: And a smaller picture here.
  5. Moho

    Solving Spire Encounters

    It is Sunday, January 9, with less than ten minutes left before the Spire shows up again. How are you going to handle it? I for one have already planted the Dwarven Armorer, and the three army boost buildings crafted in the MA. They have been standing there since the last day of the previous...
  6. Moho

    I enjoy fighting in the Spire now

    It took me a while, but I think I'm fine now. I've been playing since last Christmas and my city is in Chapter 5. I've stopped there to focus on the quality of my city. I've been working on improving its efficiency in terms of population, culture, goods, troops, and so on. It looks like I've...
  7. Moho

    Is the Moonstone Library Set still craftable in the Magic Academy?

    It seems to me that the Moonstone Library Set has completely disappeared from the craftable buildings in the Magic Academy. Can anyone still see it, because I haven't seen any of its components in the Magic Academy for a long time, and I check the list of craftable items quite often.
  8. Moho

    Elvenar Proverbs

    Proverbs are sayings that expresses a perceived truth based on common sense or experience. Certain proverbs can be found in more than one culture because people tend to use words of wisdom borrowed from places they have a connection with. What would Elvenar proverbs sound like if they could...
  9. Moho

    Crossword Puzzles

    Yes, simply crossword puzzles for those interested in this activity. Here are the definitions for the first one: ACROSS 1. They seem to have better troops in Elvenar. 2. In the year of the Lord (abr.). 3. You can click above your knowledge bar to perform this change to your city. 4. Birds seem...
  10. Moho

    Share one beautiful thing that you enjoy

    Some of my ideas are great whereas others only look great in theory but turn out to be less great in practice. I hope this is a great one. :) I've just come up with a new idea for the Lounge activity - share one beautiful thing that you enjoy. Maybe others will get to enjoy it as well. It can...
  11. Moho

    Please help me log in on my phone

    I have downloaded the game from GooglePlay but when I wanted to log in, it said wrong password. I'm a relatively new player and when I visited the ElvenStats site, I noticed there is another Moho. Maybe the phone application cannot distinguish between us. What can I do? :oops: :confused: :(
  12. Moho

    Are Vallorian Guards replaceable by Paladins in battle?

    I was really excited when I placed the Vallorian Valor building in my city long time ago. I think I had not researched the Paladin at that time, and those early Vallorian Guards turned out to be useful on occasion. But I haven't used them much recently because my Paladins seem to handle the...
  13. Moho

    True or False

    Post ten statements on a topic of your choice and let forum users guess which ones are true or false. People can post their own lists or reactions to other users' lists at any time, in any order they please. Here's the first list. The topic is Eleanor Roosevelt. She was nicknamed “granny”...
  14. Moho

    What is your device wallpaper? Describe it or show it.

    Mine is a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky:
  15. Moho

    An Elvenar Caption Contest

    Doesn't a caption contest sound like fun? Of course it does. :) The rules are simple: 1. The gamemaster posts the picture that players are supposed to caption. We're Elvenar players, so the picture should be Elvenar related. 2. Players submit their captions. Multiple entries are allowed, but...
  16. Moho

    Tournament Fights

    It was the third round of the Tournament. I managed to record my "performance" so that people could see the exact troops I was supposed to fight and the way I chose to handle each situation. The manner in which I approached these battles was auto-fight. Please let me know your opinion.
  17. Moho

    Auto-fight from a beginner's perspective

    I am in Chapter III, in the process of researching Advanced Silk Manufactory. I take all the researches in order. Since I started playing this game a month ago today, I have been aware of the fact that using my troops can ensure a better success for my city. I am not sure how good I am at...
  18. Moho

    Donating KPs to AWs - how does it work?

    I am trying to understand how this works and although I've read some materials on the subject, and members of my fellowship have tried to explain how it works, I still don't get it. Or maybe I do but I'm not aware of it - I'm confused. To simply test how I should proceed, I clicked on the name...
  19. Moho

    Funny things in your city

    Upon redesigning my city after adding a number of expansions, there were three trail tiles left. To group them somehow, I placed them in a corner, where they created a kind of roundabout. The funny thing is that the characters walking in the streets often take this traffic circle seriously and...
  20. Moho

    Archie and Heads (have you ever wished you could hear our characters talk?)

    DIALOGUE 1. WHAT'S IN A NAME? ARCHIE: I always have trouble sleeping before an important battle. HEADS: (snort) ARCHIE: Are you asleep, Heads? HEADS: Do you want to die, little human? How many times have I told you not to call me Heads? ARCHIE: First of all, you always call me little human...