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Search results

  1. InvincibleRailroad

    Elven architect question

    Is there a way to use the architect on a tablet?
  2. InvincibleRailroad

    Hybrid building

    I keep seeing "hybrid building" in forum posts. What exactly is a hybrid building?
  3. InvincibleRailroad

    Adapting is the game!

    Lets get real people, this is a game, plain and simple. We have all adapted to size changes of residences, factories, and training camps to name a few things. So now comes the tournament changes and players are running away or crying about them. Yes, I for one, was upset about them, but then...
  4. InvincibleRailroad

    New tournament versus AW's

    Has anyone really torn down AW's because of the new format? If so, which ones and for what reason? I am an adapt to the situation kind of person and just curious, but if tearing them down actually helps I could use the space.
  5. InvincibleRailroad

    AW usefulness question

    Are the lighthouse of good neighborhood and the pyramid of purification worth the space they take up? I am waiting on chapter 17 and need space.
  6. InvincibleRailroad

    Optional research

    I am at the end of chapter 16. I have completed all of the researches except the optional ones. Shouldn't I be able to start declining chapter quests? If not, when?
  7. InvincibleRailroad

    Ancient wonders and the new tournament format

    I have been reading how ancient wonders and their level influence the new tournament format and the spire. Having a city designed for both and also needing space, I am wondering if there are some wonders that I can do without. I am at the end of chapter 16. Thank you
  8. InvincibleRailroad

    Spire/Tournament city only

    I am currently in Chapter 16 but stopped because I have changed my game play to spire and tournament only. I am currently doing fair in both but want to get a lot better. so I am looking for suggestions on how to build my city for these only. I currently have 6 marble, 6 gem and 5 crystal...
  9. InvincibleRailroad

    Spire/Tournament City only

    I am currently in chapter 16 but was not enjoying it at all. I decided to stop and concentrate on doing the Spire and tournaments only. Does any one else have a city designed for this? I am looking for suggestions and ideas. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  10. InvincibleRailroad

    Outcasts - Recruiting Is Looking For A Few Good Members

    We are recruiting! Ideally they will have a score of around 38368 and have one or more of the following boosts: marble, silk, gems. If interested, please contact one of our Mages.
  11. InvincibleRailroad

    How many goods are enough?

    I am wondering how many standard goods are enough to have stockpiled? I am boosted in Marble, Crystal and Gems and have the following in inventory: Marble = 775K, Steel = 224K, Planks = 190K Crystal = 1025K, Scrolls = 319K, Silk = 199K Gems = 800K, Elixir = 237K, Dust = 213K I am just...
  12. InvincibleRailroad

    Outcasts - Recruiting

    We are seeking new players for our Fellowship. We currently have a few openings and would love to have you with us. We are chatty bunch and have a strong communication system. We make 2 and 3 star trades, play tournaments and Fellowship Adventures. Check us out and message me if interested.
  13. InvincibleRailroad

    Looking for an Active Fellowship

    I am currently looking for a very active fellowship. I am a daily player boosted in Marble, Crystal and Gems. I only have boosted manufactories, so trading is a must. I have a score of 35K plus. Please disregard, I do not know how to remove
  14. InvincibleRailroad

    Fair Traders - Recruiting

    We are currently recruiting new members. We are looking for players who just want to play, trade and interact with others and have fun.
  15. InvincibleRailroad


    I am one research away from Chapter 6, Dwarves. I am wondering if I have enough residences, work shops and maufactories. Here is what I have: Residences = 26 Level 15 Workshops = 8 level 15 Marble = 2 level 15 Crystal = 3 level 15 Gems = 3 level 15 Inventory: Tier 1 goods = 56,498 Tier 2 goods...
  16. InvincibleRailroad

    Fair Traders - Recruiting

    We are currently seeking several active members. No hard and fast rules, we would like daily visits and trades. Looking for boosted Steel, Planks, Scrolls, and Silk, or just bring what you have. We just enjoy the game and small talk. Join us and have some fun!
  17. InvincibleRailroad

    Fair Traders - recruiting

    Hello! We are currently looking for active members. Members must be active 3-5 days a week or better. 2 and 3 star trades are preferred. We are looking for members with Planks, Elixir, Dust, Steel, Scrolls and Silk. Helping each other is also a must. Other than that we are a pretty easy going...
  18. InvincibleRailroad

    Advanced manufactory

    I just achieved advanced marble and steel manufactories. What do I do now? I do not notice any differenc.
  19. InvincibleRailroad

    Can not upgrade residence

    I am trying to upgrade a residence from level 4 to level 5. The requirements say I must have a 3x5 space. I have a new and empty 5x5, but it still says I need a 3x5. Am I missing something?