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  1. crackie


    I don't advocate comparing numbers with other players. Your availability to play differs, as well as personal in-game goals and needs. Someone able to do multiple 3hr collections can squeeze more goods out of the same number of factories than someone on a 9hr collection schedule. Listen to your...
  2. crackie

    Advising Newbies to be Careful with Expansions

    Yeah but the time it takes your wonders to get upgraded to the level of space spacing is not the same as plonking that fresh wonder down and getting to reclaim the space saved right away. For example, I had 8 fairy level armories before I got a Bulwark down. I don’t immediately get to put 4...
  3. crackie

    Rearrange city

    I know and some people think this part is “fun”! I build my city for optimal laziness versus efficiency of tile usage. I want to move the least amount of things around per chapter!
  4. crackie

    I love my Pets but

    After who knows how many more events with how many new buildings they’ve introduced, I have found that I don’t really feed anything new besides the same Fire Phoenix, Polar, and Brown Bear still. Maybe on late rounds for an ugly tourney like scrolls and dust, I might throw one to Twilight...
  5. crackie

    My Elf Game Art

    From the same food lab that brought you Bud Sorceress's Nuclear Revenge, I've now made a Queen of Snacks out of snacks for the last week of shenanigans with helya. Definitely an equally unique blend of questionably gathered ingredients.
  6. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    The boss said... It's the last week for shenanigans with the Queen of Snacks. No, I'm not trying to be her. I'm getting my counter-trolling in for the last week before they get rid of business casual around here!
  7. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    For the record, mine is eating more purple ice cream.
  8. crackie

    Advising Newbies to be Careful with Expansions

    I would argue that for most people, it's the number of mandatory techs unlocked that is the strongest determinant because that shows up in the formula as an exponent, which by its mathematical nature means the rise is steeper and quicker than a linear progression. However, you are using an...
  9. crackie

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    Last week for entries to plot against the Community Manager and win a custom signature in the process! After that, we might not get a CM with a sense of humor to plot against again and then it’ll be all work scribbling in scrolls of knowledge all day and no play. So sad! I also won’t be making...
  10. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    Last night, I read this without reading the quoted message and thought you were referring to the Queen of Snacks account. This morning, I read it properly and almost choked on my water. How do you say…helno! Buddy and I are here to start fires, not put them out.
  11. crackie

    Help soldier increase plz

    When you train, you train a certain amount of troops per slot, which is by “Training Size”. The Army Camp then groups these trained troops into squads so this tab shows how many squads you have, not total number of troops. For example, if you have 50 Archers total and your squad size is 5, this...
  12. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    Good idea. More gas into the shenanigan bonfire! I only have one Get Out of Jail Free card and the next CM might not accept limericks.
  13. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    Hey, don't drag me into this! I only start threads where absolutely nothing unusual or suspicious is happening. If anyone asks, I was at a Gourmet Guild meeting.
  14. crackie

    Shenanigans How to vacation in Elvenar mode

    One of my players is on a month long vacation to Europe (because people in other parts of the world get more than 2 weeks off). I let him stay idle for the month instead of booting him since he's earned his teammate stripes. I told him no need to meet minimums and just enjoy your vacation, but...
  15. crackie

    Hello Brand new player

    I sense a disturbance in the Force. The power of shenanigans is strong in this one.
  16. crackie

    Does Fellowship size affect the FA?

    Keep in mind a lot of players do know about elvenstats so if they're picky FS shoppers (which they should be), they'll see too many black triangles as a red flag. Pruning to a shorter number will hurt you on rank, but at least look like it's being managed. Also, when you first start a FS, the...
  17. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    You just posted an image. It's just like that, but in the signature section! But I'm not opposed to pointing and laughing at you trying to figure it out again, at least until the Banshee arrives.
  18. crackie

    I need stronger troops

    @Tavina I've visited your city and looked up your FS. Haha, I know Fletcher's gang! My notes: - Your Fire Phoenix is already at 10. Wonderful! Work on your Pet food stash management and try timing your Spire with your tournament feedings. This probably will help make the most difference! - You...
  19. crackie

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    I am wearing black. No, my signature and avatar are not broken. I am mourning the end of the Queen of Snack’s reign. In comparison, some of the other places feel like it’s run by a military junta and I dread at the prospects of that coming here. I definitely appreciate helya more after...
  20. crackie

    Does Fellowship size affect the FA?

    In my first FS, we couldn't even do that! Don't sell yourselves short. That is great! Especially since I just looked up your fellowship and you guys only have 10 active players. I'd advise definitely prune the players with the black triangles. Don't get discouraged by low member count either. 10...