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Search results

  1. Sleeping Tigers are waking up

    Sleeping Tigers started as a low level fellowship but has rapidly grown and frequently punches above it's weight. 10 chests in the tournament, Silver on Spire and completed Fellowship Adventures show how far we've grown in a short time! Check us out and if you like what you see help us grow...
  2. Phoenix Royal need you!

    A long established fellowship Phoenix Royal offers something for everyone. We are an 8 chest, Silver Spire Fellowship that with your help can grow to 10 chests and beyond! Open enrollment for a limited time, come join the fun!!!
  3. Low chapter fellowship Sleeping Tigers is recruiting

    A new fellowship for early chapter players to grow together into a higher level game. AM can help early development with advice, favourable trades and general encouragement. Jump start your town here! To join, either search for Sleeping Tigers or AM HawaiiJambo. Post questions here.
  4. Outlander - where the outlandish belong!

    Our Last Fellowship Adventure was a tiny bit crazy! Huor and Fiona were chugging the beer faster than we could make Brewer's Badges, Harko was waving the Druid's Staff shouting, "You Shall Not Pass!", Kesunah kept hiding the Sacks of Coins, Tobin the Just wrote an acceptance speech for each...
  5. Ranking not updating

    I've had a problem for a while which does not interfere with the play but is frustrating especially when looking at fellowship progress or recruitment. The ranking of other players does not update, nor do towns, even construction is permanently frozen at the point I first looked at them. So if...