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Search results

  1. Dreamyn2

    Missing GA

    Nothing like logging in and your AM asking where’s your Golden Abyss so they can update the WS spreadsheet. :eek::oops:o_O Level 18 Golden Abyss… gone. :’( I was moving a residence yesterday and saw my population go red. I thought I had sold the residence by accident. I built another residence...
  2. Dreamyn2

    Mobile players unable to preview ancient wonders

    Game version: __ 1.146.2-cc584dc-256 (us 1.146) Game world: __Arendyll Browser + version: __ Operating System: __iPadOS 15.1 Screen resolution: __ Account name: __Dreamyn2 Humans or Elves: __Elves Reproducibility: __5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5...
  3. Dreamyn2

    Winds of Summer is recruiting

    Winds of Summer, Arendyll is recruiting. We are a relaxed fellowship with only one requirement, that you remain active. Tournaments, events, fellowship adventures and the Spire are all voluntary. Beginners and experienced players are all welcome. Please message @Dreamyn2 here or via game...
  4. Dreamyn2

    Help Sentient Boosts

    I have a city in elementals. My S1 is tree gum. I have 1387 relics, showing 887/0. The boost is showing 700%. How do I get sentient boosts above 700%? My Mountain Halls AW is at level 7.
  5. Dreamyn2


    Is the browser version down? I’ve tried Beta and 5 Live worlds: US: Arendyll, Winyandor, Felyndral, SinyaArda, Ceravyn. All I get is a black screen. Cleared history, restarted and all that. New laptop purchased in April with everything updated.
  6. Dreamyn2

    Help Codex buildings

    If a Leaf Codex or Sun Codex building is created in the magic academy will that take the building out of the recipe rotation?
  7. Dreamyn2

    Balancing troop production

    @SoggyShorts Thanks for creating this spreadsheet. Is there a way to add in armories of different levels? In one of my cities I have 4 armories at 2 different levels (27, 27, 27, 15). Eventually I will remedy this but in the mean time? Thanks!
  8. Dreamyn2

    Help with factories

    Is there a worksheet where information from factories can be entered (race, good, production time, boost %) that will then calculate the amount of goods which should be produced? The Wiki only shows non boosted daily production per level. Also, is the relic boost calculated on the base amount or...
  9. Dreamyn2

    Winds of Summer

    Winds of Summer is welcoming new members. We are an active fellowship with the following easy requirements: Visit fellowship members at least 3 times per week and offer 2 or 3 star trades. Tournament and Spire participation is both fun and encouraged but not mandatory. Once per month we do a...
  10. Dreamyn2

    Help Fairies Chapter

    Fairies chapter taking a toll on tier 3 goods. I’ve been upgrading the elixir manufactories but I still can’t keep up. Perhaps I should build more? I have 4 at levels 6 - 6 - 8 - 13. I could also do cross tier trades, which I try to avoid, but are still allowed in my fellowship. Thoughts please?
  11. Dreamyn2

    Help Bookmarked posts

    I’ve bookmarked some quite helpful posts within the forum using the forum bookmarks, not Chrome’s. How do I find the posts I’ve bookmarked?
  12. Dreamyn2

    Magical Mana Hut

    I have 4 magical mana huts in inventory, all chapter 4. I don’t know what to do with them. I’ve researched here and it seems at higher levels they’re quite handy. I’m nearly finished with ch 6. I just need the inventory to complete the final research. Do I place them, keep them for later or...
  13. Dreamyn2

    Help Needle of Tempest or Bell Spire

    I’m almost through Dwarves, chapter VI. I have room to place either the Needle of Tempest or the Bell Spire. I was wondering if the bell spire was worth selling low level manufacturies of boosted goods so I have room for both of these wonders. Also, I have some culture buildings that produce...