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Search results

  1. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Tuatha DeDenann is looking for... You!

    We are a super active and very supportive group with cities of every size and players with weeks to years of experience. Our team needs 3 active players and we are desperate for marble, scrolls and dust. We have a very effective AW upgrade method and strong presence in the trader (right now we...
  2. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Help New Library rewards?

    My mana plants and gum trees are now giving me gems. Since I am gems boosted, and relied on the plants for dust, this is not a welcomed change. Is this something new or a glitch?
  3. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Tuatha DeDenann ISO competitive gamers

    We are Tuatha DeDenann in H world and we have a few spots to fill, we are competitive and victorious! We have achieved glory in the FAs no rank lower than 21st in the last year and we are a 10 chest/silver trophy team. We have an excellent AW upgrade method in place and we are super helpful to...
  4. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    A Wish List

    My team (Tuatha DeDannann H world) has put together a wish list, things we would like to see in the game. Please be encouraged to add your own "wish" to the list! *An evolving/growing dragon! And since dragons love shiny things, the dragon should give us gold, crystals, gems and mana. People...