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Search results

  1. paw123

    FA unused badges

    Hi guys , - the badges that we don`t use seem to evaporate and are being lost with the end of the Fellowship Adventure - how about keeping them banked for the next event ? what do you think ?
  2. paw123

    daily gift

    why is it that on mobile version the "daily gifts" are available but not on the PC ?
  3. paw123

    Hide the buildings option on PC

    I`m playing both on mobile and PC - It would be nice to have the option of hiding the buildings on PC when rearranging the city - currently the option is available in the mobile only
  4. paw123


    I was wondering if it wouldn`t be possible to set up an extra tab in the trader to trade with mana for orcks and other goods in discovered resources as a separate option for those who hit the certain level of the game what do you think ( I do realise the the mana is decreasing - that could...
  5. paw123

    Event quests limit

    Hi guys , can anyone explain why having a limit on the amount of the quests in time in the event ? - I have just reached the 60th quest and I got the message that I need to wait for over 6 hours until I will be able to continue - seems a bit unfair in the way that some players can`t be online...