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Search results

  1. crackie

    Shenanigans How to vacation in Elvenar mode

    One of my players is on a month long vacation to Europe (because people in other parts of the world get more than 2 weeks off). I let him stay idle for the month instead of booting him since he's earned his teammate stripes. I told him no need to meet minimums and just enjoy your vacation, but...
  2. crackie

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    Despite the fact that my entry for A Contest for Contests lost, I am being peer pressured into beginning the casting process for our uhhh...heist movie because a friend who's recently had to cut back on the game due to health issues requested I stir up some shenanigans around here to bring...
  3. crackie

    The Longest Battle

    I just had to take down a 7500 stack of Ferocious Swamp Monster with a barely limping lone Golem with 235 hp left. It took 119 rounds. And the rest of the tournament was autofought. o_O
  4. crackie

    Shenanigans Mystery Markets

    If we build enough Market Stalls, can we start our own?
  5. crackie

    Orc Nests not showing Sentients with Pyramid of Purification

    Game version: v1.157.3-(473d6f2) - html5 (2022-08-04 11:55) Game world: Ceravyn Browser + version: Chrome Version 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit) Operating System: Win10 Screen resolution: 3840x2160 Account name: crackie Humans or Elves: Elf! Elf! Elf! Reproducibility: 4 (seems to be...
  6. crackie

    We can't be friends, Thiago... (Live Q&A Summary)

    No bingo cards for this Q&A because someone followed the FREE ROPE they were giving away and wound up getting roped with more homework scribbling in scrolls. But I will continue as the Live Q&A beat reporter to summarize key points... Most excellent Dwarven beard game by Thiago and Giada...
  7. crackie

    Support Support by Supporting Support on Supports for Sports

    I can't decide if this is a Holiday Gift Item or an Idea/Suggestion, but if I put it here, then it can go for a vote and possibly reach the CM of Tonga. The July 2022 Fellowship Adventure has brought many a fellowships to tears. Even the most stalwart adventurers among them are feeling the...
  8. crackie

    Group rewards as it relates to trebuchet activity

    As we know, there's a short window of when you can switch fellowships if you're going to be able to contribute team points to the next Spire or tournament. If someone is in the FS after a tournament has ended, do they automatically get the rewards or must they sign in to claim them? I suppose...
  9. crackie

    The Crack Guide to Fighting

    They made me put my crayons away in favor of ink in order to scribble in them Scrolls of Knowledge. Anyway, I have released my fighting tutorial The Crack Guide to Fighting: Mastering the Art of Pew Pew. And since I like creating more work for myself and said the Battle Knowledge section is...
  10. crackie

    Message blackout

    Is the game censoring inappropriate messages sent to little girls of the cornfield? Are my teammates sending me NSFW content in an elf game? *GASP* Game version: v1.155.2-(c75c247) - html5 (2022-07-07 10:06) Game world: Ceravyn Browser + version: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Microsoft App Operating...
  11. crackie

    Live Q&A: Lucky Little Fin

    No Bingo Card before this one because I was busy making a mess in my kitchen for the Recipe Contest, but I am loving Thiago and Giada's strong Strawberry Ale game. Didn't really learn anything too earth shattering with this Q&A though, except the part where someone asked for a 4th level of Spire...
  12. crackie

    Confirmed Debuff Rounds Incorrect

    Ah ha! I've caught you on screen, you cursed cheating Mist Walker! I've included the Round number in the screenshot this time. Game version: v1.152.5-(fa45152) - html5 (2022-05-16 08:00) Game world: Ceravyn Browser + version: Chrome Version 101.0.4951.67 (Official Build) (64-bit) Operating...
  13. crackie

    Forum Update

    To no one in particular since this is irreversible and it's a 3rd party software, but I don’t like the new user interface to post. :confused:
  14. crackie

    One for the spreadsheet nerds...

    Eve Online just got a Microsoft Excel partnership. Can you imagine if they brought Excel integration into Elvenar? OooooOoOoooooo....Ahhhhhhhhhh... :eek:
  15. crackie

    Default redirect language on wiki

    @helya This is probably outside your many jurisdictions since it's a domain issue, but I will ask anyway so you can possibly surprise me. If we skip the language abbreviation prefix on the wiki and just punch in wiki.elvenar.com, how come the default redirect language is...Portuguese? The game...
  16. crackie

    About the Amuni Merc Camp...

    Ok, the graphics are FAB, but...what's going on here? Why is the useless Drone Rider training against a Fainéant Frog? You ain't gonna get better there, useless Drone Rider. Froggie's got +80% Attack Bonus and -60% Defense Bonus on you! Maybe you should practice against some Light Range arrows...
  17. crackie

    Something you learned today

    Post something new you learned today. I'll go first... Mrs. Fields, of the warm, soft, decadently delicious chocolate chip cookies found at your local mall, refused to franchise for a long time, but instituted these things called "computers" into each of her locations to track sales and...
  18. crackie

    Dawn of the Phoenix Live Q&A Bingo

    Woohoo! Thiago and Giada will be back for another fun live facebook Q&A so it's time to create another BINGO board! What do you think will happen in this Q&A? Are we going to get another jaw dropper trivia fact like most players cater? What will we learn? Make a prediction of what will happen in...
  19. crackie

    FA Shantytown Gallery

    I didn't make a big FA spread because we were supposed to be taking it easy. I regret it because I have nothing to do or contribute. I'm now caught between wanting to do more, but too lazy to move things around to create large spaces for workshop villages. I want to live vicariously through your...
  20. crackie

    Filled tech appearing as empty

    Game version: v1.149.2-(bd77bde) - html5 (2022-03-17 11:31) & v1.149.2-(bd77bde) - microsoft (2022-03-17 11:31) Game world: Ceravyn Browser + version: Firefox, Chrome, MS App Operating System: Win10 Screen resolution: 3840x2160 Account name: crackie Humans or Elves: Elf!!! Reproducibility: 2/5...