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Search results

  1. Win Diamonds! - What could it be?

    Gingerbread mansion stage 10
  2. Auto Fight Position

    What do you suggest to mobile only users who only get to autofight. I havent been able to figure out what to do i can fight the same battle over and over no matter what i do i lose all units just got the treant but i started out not knowing you couldnt make more and that the further away the...
  3. Ancient Wonder Helper Restriction

    Mobile users dont get the option at all. And as for chests when neighborly help is given you dont get to pick what item other than what is available in pop up window be it main hall only or main hall and builder hut or main hall, builder hut or a culture item. When i visit a city there is...
  4. Mobile app needed feature

    I would rather have an extra tap than lose 19 hr combining catalyst after 12 hrs. Its happened twice to me so far. In the winter events, i was lucky enough i got an enchantments in neighborly visit. As it was i still lost out on trying to get daily exclusives due to multiple days of having to...
  5. winter magic and events in general

    Ive gotten the 1200 goods quest 3 times with trade in between once, get 3 enscorcelled enchantments, power of provision, combining catalyst, magic production also between and needed clarification waited for support after accidently killing a combining catalyst that had 7 hours til finished by...
  6. Mobile app needed feature

    I would like to have a are you sure you want to...sell, cancel prompt. I have killed enchantments on accident in MA by tip of finger on top of phone touching the dash when I was trying to tell a 1 from a 2 the text is so small in the requires popup and the teeny tiny numbers that are an outlined...