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Search results

  1. Discussion Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have the daily prizes? Thank you
  2. When are seeds needed for tournament and spire negotiation?

    Thank you all for the replies. Now I can jump into chapter 10 to upgrade and collects buildings at level 11, without having to pay seeds yet.
  3. When are seeds needed for tournament and spire negotiation?

    Hi, I'm about to enter chapter 11, where seeds are introduced. My question is as soon as I research scout and enter chapter 11, will I need seeds for negotiation in spire and tournament? Or will they ask for it in the next chapter? With orcs, you had a chapter to stock and develop production...
  4. Lots of "game lagging" complaints

    Hi Hour, thanks for the help. I've always had my setting to the lowest, but to avoid any sort of this issue. ; D
  5. Lots of "game lagging" complaints

    Hi helya, I don't think my tech skills might get that far. I am playing in Felyndral and use Google Chrome. I can tell you that it seems to have improved a lot since my previous post.
  6. Lots of "game lagging" complaints

    hi helya, I've been having the lagging "stream error" for a week now, both at work and home and pc and cell phone. I never had that before. I find weird that 2 devices and 2 places were fine and at the same time all are having the same problem. Hope this helps. Thanks
  7. Teleportation Option for Evolving Buildings

    Thanks for the replies.
  8. Teleportation Option for Evolving Buildings

    Do the artifacts go back to inventory then?
  9. Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    lyapo, what time production are you comparing to? 3 hours? Just curious
  10. Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    In chapter 8, Vallorian is level 1 and therefore inferior to Paladin (at least compared to human race). Supplies and T3 (at chapter 8) can be boosted with spells, but not this building. Considering it's the biggest reward from an event that makes you jump so many "hoops", very disappointing...
  11. Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    Thanks lyapo1, at level 8 this might be the worst event building I have seen so far. On the bright side, i'm not concern if I don't get it to stage 10, I might get rid of it anyway.
  12. Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    So from what i'm reading the Triumph of the Tides only gives you one production? The bones production is just more options. I thought it would be like previous building where you get a "base production" and "bonus production". Am I missing something? My building is at stage 4 and so far my T3...
  13. Spire giving Library instead of Gingerbread

    This was posted recently: Dear Humans and Elves, On July 11th, the reward dataset for the Spire of Eternity will be adjusted for the next 6 weeks. Changes: Bear Artifacts will be phased out as a possible reward for the Spire of Eternity Gingerbread Artifacts and the craftable building will...
  14. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    I agree that Polar at level 1 is great, that's why I have it. Brown bear is great as well since not many building give you many troops (and for free) (and you can "choose the troops"). However, other buildings from events are not that great at level 5 or 6. Still they give things, but also use...
  15. Wrong troops presented

    I have also been experiencing this and the troops on the battlefield not matching the ones in the bar at the bottom, while fighting.
  16. League Silver Gold World Chart

    Arendyll ... Bronze 220... Silver 279... Gold 384 Felyndral ... Bronze 219 ... Silver 280 ... Gold 372 Winyandor ... Bronze 212 ... Silver 275 ... Gold 360 Khelonaar ... Bronze 213 ... Silver 275 ... Gold 363 Elcysandir ... Bronze 220 ... Silver 280 ... Gold 389 Sinya Arda ... Bronze 220 ...
  17. Do you need mana for negotiations?

    Thanks, I'll see if anyone remembers or just went through that.
  18. Do you need mana for negotiations?

    I have not been able to find an answer for this. I'm at the end of Chapter 8 and next ch. mana will show up. Will I need Mana to negotiate tournament/spire once I research into Chapter 9? Thank you
  19. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    All the way up every week. So far 1, 2, 1 0 and this week 0 so far. Just got a purple chest at the top of level one and.... 3 teleport and portal instant. : 0 These buildings are not that great unless they are high level, and this system does not work for most unless, you have enough diamonds...
  20. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    So then no Bear artifact into the MA? ; (