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Search results

  1. Genefer

    I love my Pets but

    There are not enough opportunities to craft Pet Food. There are more Pets or Pet revivals being added all the time, but Pet Food is in short supply. I have the Panda Bear, which I regretted building originally, but as I have increased my completed providences & increased the number of pets in...
  2. Genefer


    Neighbors perform the critical functions of acquisition of non-boosted goods and the Culture Bonus. In fact, neighbors are the driving factor in both the growth of my city and the level of enjoyment I have while playing Elvenar. My observations of the myriad and powerfully effective influence...
  3. Genefer

    Spire Points

    What happens to my spire points if I switch Fellowships?
  4. Genefer

    Invictus is Recruiting

    We have recently lost two players - one due to illness and the other moved on to a more aggressive fellowship. As a result our fellowship is in need of players with a crystal and/or elixir boost. We are active in the trader and participate in the adventures, tournaments, and spire. If you're...