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Search results

  1. Ghost in a Bottle NPC name

    When you read the little speeches about the badges, the NPC's name is listed at the top for all the badges except for the Ghost in the Bottle one. This is mobile only since PC version does not list them.
  2. Completing a Province with Manual Fighting

    Game version: __ v1.120.3-(4f91063) - html5 (2021-01-18 13:10) Game world: __Sinya Arda Browser + version: __Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 Flash Player version: __ Operating System: __Windows 10 Screen resolution: __ Account name: __Ibison Humans or Elves: __Elves When you finish the last...
  3. Covid Vaccine

    Just curious how the Elvenar community feels about the vaccine. Will you get it as soon as you can? An Anti-Vaxxer? Wait and see? If your company requires it, what will you do? Me, well I work at Amazon. I have a feeling that they will partner with someone to give shots at our warehouses...
  4. FA and Thanksgiving (US)

    So if timing of beta with other US servers follows then the FA is planned to start on the 23rd. That means it would run over the Thanksgiving (US) holiday time. I am hoping it starts earlier on the Thursday before, the 19th. I mean I would prefer not having to work on my city constantly over...
  5. Spire mystery chests

    Maybe my web searching skill failing me, but is there a list of the three chests with prizes and percentage. And has anyone done a study of how often they appear. Thought of this because of hate/love relationship I have with RNG gods right now. Got three of the purple chest in first stage but...
  6. Joining Beta Mobile Player

    So is there a way to join beta if you are a mobile Player only. I have not found one