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Search results

  1. Help How many Ensembles are needed in chapter 20 to satisfy

    Quest in chapter 20 reads "Build More Ensembles" with a count bar asking for 12 ensembles. I built 12 all connected but count shows only 11/12 and doesnt check completion box. Did I hit a bug or does word 'more' mean I need to have 13 ensembles.
  2. Help The numbers don't Jive

    In looking at the display while hovering over the Fill Ring, it appears to show a matrix of AW Artifact Icons, and a number next to each one. I thought it was the number of artifact you had for each AW. Are they ordered by column or in rows? The numbers seem closer if you consider them...
  3. Help Shamanic Healing Grounds

    Other than the obvious benefits of Pop, Culture and Planks, does the Shamanic Healing Grounds actually have any healing power as the name suggests.
  4. Rune Shard Overview

    Currently, by clicking on the AW wheel from the main Screen, we get a display showing the number of Shards we have for each AW in a nice matrix layout. This screen has become more useful since the shards now valued at 15 kp. It looks great, and I can even recognize some of the AW Shard icons...
  5. Low Resource Warning

    By design, there are so many different resources within Elvenar that must be managed and balanced. There are many things we can do to effect our resource levels from trading, using enchantments to speed up production of goods or tools, training one type of troop over another, selecting what...
  6. Kicked out of Trader when no Ascended Goods trades are available

    I was in the the Trader and "Accept Offer" looking to trade for Sprouts, so I selected Sprouts in the "Offer Drop Down Menu" When trades are available I would see a list of trades I can accept, however, if no trades are available I would expect to see a blank list. Instead, I am kicked out of...
  7. Help Forbidden Ruins Set alignment

    I cant get the right alignment for the Forbidden Ruins Set. I have all 6 pieces place, and all rewards light up except for 1 CC in Forbidden Ruins. Does anyone know where I can find the correct layout, or built the entire set that I can look at and copy. Thanks.
  8. AW KP Sharing Bank

    AW KP sharing is an integral part of the game, but INNO provided no mechanism for it, so FS have devised several methods to keep track of the it. Some use KP sharing thread it various formats for posting to it, some use Net Zero Method, and some may rely on direct trade between 2 players. I...
  9. Recruiting

    I think one of the hardest things to do in Elvenar is Recruiting Members to fill a void when someone leaves. Sadly the Forum postings to Fellowship Seeking New Members, or Member Seeking New Fellowship may sound like a good place to start looking, but in practice the posts are useless. There...
  10. Winter Lampian Prize in Crafting

    I can not begin to tell you how annoying it is to win the useless 3 Winter Lampians in crafting. If you want to make Elvenar better, change that prize to a message that says "Ha Ha, No prize for you this Time, Sucker"
  11. Help Use Unit Refill?

    What is meant by the quest "Use Unit Refills 2X" ? I guess it refers to Instant Troops, since Coins, Tools or PP's do not satisfy quest. I cant check since I do not have any Instant troops.
  12. Complete Boosted Upgrade Quest

    I never tested this and was just curious ... When the bottom mentor Quest is "Complete 1 Boosted Manufacturing Upgrade to Chapter 11 or higher" .... we all know this applied to T1,T2 and T3 goods. Do you also get the reward for upgrading a Sentient or Ascended Goods Boosted Manufacturing? I know...
  13. Help Where is 'Tower of Darkness'

    My current Chapter 19 quest is to "Have 4 Tower or Darkness." I remember seeing is as a 4x4 building in Settlements after Tower of light, but its not there now, nor is there a research that is needed to unlock it. What am I missing, and please dont say "Tower or Darkness"
  14. Closed | Contact Support Incorrectly also Charged Diamond for adding kp to research in addition to the kp I had in kp bar.

    I had 22 kp in my kp bar and wanted to use them on research. I kept clicking on the 1kp button, and kp count went down each time I clicked, but then noticed that it was also charging me diamonds with each click. KP correctly went into research. I think I did it about 10 times before noticing...
  15. Help Accidentally sold Building

    I was going to sell some leftover buildings from FA so I clicked on $ and it doubleclicked and sold 1 Moonstone Library. Is there any way to recover that? There was no warning that resoueces will be lost.
  16. Genesis a Top Ranked FS is looking for the right Active Player, Boosted in Dust to join our Family

    Like most top FS, we have rules to achieve 12 chests weekly and do a Spire Run every 4th week. We always getting Gold. We are not hard core players, have fun, some like to chat, and we all understand RL comes first. You run your own city, and can get plenty of help when you want it. Generally...
  17. *** 3 Star Trade Classification

    Some players have taken to offering virtually even trades like 10001 offered, 10000 wanted so trade is classified as *** 3 Star. This may have been suggested prior, but I wish classification formula is changed to require 5% premium for any trade to be *** 3 Star
  18. Recharge Expiring Buildings

    I get that some buildings are meant to expire DA, Genies, 2X2 Boosters, etc. I usually have reserve for the 100 day buildings and extra 2X2 Boosters in inventory, but I don't always have a DA. Like many players, I sell the expiring building when its power is needed and replace them in the same...
  19. Cost of Building a Street

    Why does it cost the same to build a street over and exiting street where you already have resources invested, vs building a street on a blanks square?
  20. New Functionality for Sip of Clarity

    Currently, both the Sip of Clarity and 50 Diamond act exactly the same; they will reset the items to be crafted in the MA. I propose the Sip of Clarity be given an addition capability making it a very desirable reward, exclusively available in the Spire. The Sip of Clarity should reset the...