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Search results

  1. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    So I've been casually playing the event the last week just for fun and giggles. To my surprise, I've actually gotten a lot of lucky draws within the past few days. But....low and behold the majority of them have just been crappy level 5 items that I can get around 25 chips on average and just a...
  2. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I wasn't a fan of the troop production and the 5% vitality surge for a set that takes at least 42 squares. It's another case of an inferior prize making events less meaningful to play. That and the set kind of looked ugly too lol The one good thing I will say about this event is that they tried...
  3. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    The set is inferior to previous sets so I kinda stopped caring about the event. Already sold my buildings because I don't have any space to put them in anyway. Now I can stop worrying about lucky draws and more RNG nonsense lol
  4. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I already see the massive issue with this event that someone already pointed out in the beta forum. Previously, you needed a little bit of luck (not a lot but some) to get the full set in previous events but you had control of picking which chests had best chances for extra currency. Now it's...
  5. The Crack Guide to Fighting

    I generally scout with 2 rangers (I keep an extra one in case I accidentally click on a battle tile) unless there's a mist walker. It's funny because I actually just realized earlier this week that I almost never use my axe barbarians and I would avoid scouting fights with mist walkers so using...
  6. The Crack Guide to Fighting

    I was playing a manual battle on one of my smaller cities and 1 single mist walker kited all 5 of my axe barbarians and killed them LMAO. Well to be fair Axe Barbarians are good for one thing which is scouting fights with a mist walker in the lineup. That way I can still see the map because they...
  7. We Need Better Rewards

    Some changes I would like to see made and hope happen in the spire: -Change artifacts into sorceries with the option to choose the base building or artifact. Forge of Empires has a very similar mechanism called 'selection kits' which allow you to choose between the building or an upgrade kit...
  8. Moving buildings around without having to delete any

    This is why I will always leave a few plots of land (at least 50 squares) unoccupied or filled with lv1 workshops and manufactories for FA. Even then I find myself sometimes running out of land because of the impulse to get everything upgraded at once.
  9. Diamonds offers…

    I took a one year hiatus from the game and when I returned in May I got 2 200% offers in the span of about 1 week. I got a bunch of expansions unlocked and think I'm set now. I haven't seen another one since and probably won't for a while or again. Maybe another hiatus will do the trick ;)
  10. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Trying to rely on genies to win diamonds is not the best decision; you can easily get RNG-screwed. You're better off farming level 1 spire on your other cities each week and level 2 if possible. I've only gotten 5 diamond collections (4 50s and 1 100) in my last 200 collections. P(X<=5) with a...
  11. Too Many Portal Profits

    I just disenchant any I win from the spire (the prize still sucks most of the time) and that takes care of my spell frag issue. I have no intention or reason to ever use PPs. Not only do they trivialize the game, but it's Inno's little piggy banks so that you rush through chapters only to find...
  12. Did I really just win 4 portable restrooms from the Magic Academy chest?

    I'm not exactly sure how this equates to a 'Grand prize' LOL
  13. Too Many Portal Profits

    Huh...as a soon to be Fairy Chapter player I welcome the PPs. I actually find the excessive amount of time boosters (especially 2x 8hr in yellow chests since those are almost the same as a blue chest 3x 5hr) a little annoying. Now if it's an artifact I don't need because I don't have another...
  14. Discussion 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    Overall a very nice event with a nice set of daily prizes. The only real gripe I have (and unfortunately it's kind of a big one) is the rune shard prize at 84. Why....? Honestly I'd rather just get a message saying 'Sorry you did not win a prize this time, better luck next time' than a rune...
  15. Why do YOU participate in the tournament?

    Sorry too late they're gone (though I do wish I would've given them away to someone else instead)
  16. Moonstone Library in the spire

    You're honestly complaining about getting 2 libraries? Be glad you got that and not SWs/PPs like I did. I have seen the endless scroll several times in the MA btw
  17. Moonstone Library in the spire

    Good because I am not playing the Spire again so at least I can craft one in the MA because it's a very beautiful looking set.
  18. Why do YOU participate in the tournament?

    LOL nope because I just won 3 SW 50% from the last boss and feel shafted bigtime (I disenchanted all 3000% SW I had). It's fine I could care less and want to make the game more challenging anyway. I no longer care about tournament or spire and am just going to focus on city building (which is...
  19. Why do YOU participate in the tournament?

    Compared to the other prizes yes it's a massive disappointment when you get it kind of like the dummy prize. It makes good fodder for the spire but then that kind of defeats the purpose of advancing up the spire LOL I like the analogy of it being compared to winning a free pie in a pie eating...
  20. Why do YOU participate in the tournament?

    I will say this...getting SW 50% is a big turnoff and I seem to be getting it way more than 30% of the time lol