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Search results

  1. Blindsider66

    Seeking a laid-back Fellowship

    I am currently looking for a Fellowship filled with casual players. I'm trying to stay clear of highly competitive groups as my online time is somewhat restricted at the moment. Willing to do my share. Boosted in Steel, Crystal and those red stones. Sorry, I am having one of those days..:( If...
  2. Blindsider66

    Can there be too much of a good thing?

    The new method of donating KP has allowed for me to deposit far greater amounts into the Ancient Wonders of my friends and of my Fellowship. However, this morning I found myself stopped in my tracks after only playing 200KP. The message stated that the individual (recipient) had received enough...
  3. Blindsider66

    Bonus points on the Spire?

    A few months ago theres was talk regarding total points available on the Spire (1575 ). Or whether it was possible to get more. This weeks count in Winyandor is clearly one of the rare times that extra points have been recorded (1643 ). Congrats to the members of Derp Alliance for a sweet run.
  4. Blindsider66

    Closed | Contact Support I can count the men. Can you count the men?

    This latest version of Elvenar, V 1.127, has caused me nothing but damned problems at every turn. Once again I play on the us2 server in Winyandor on a mobile platform using the name Blindsider66. You should remember me from last month when I brought to your attention the 'Payback Currency' bug...
  5. Blindsider66

    Help Military Buildings are on backorder!

    Are there any methods for influencing the frequency of recipes in the MA? Are prolonged absences of certain recipes something we must sadly endure. It never seems to fail that the recipes I require are at the end of their rotation, out of stock or possibly just not available to me for the next...
  6. Blindsider66

    Available Provinces

    I have a quick question regarding the amount of Provinces that a player has available to them in any given Tournament. I figured it would be the total number of Provinces scouted divided by nine. For example I have 387 Provinces on my world map that are scouted, divide that by 9 and you get 43...
  7. Blindsider66

    Is it a bug or a part of the quests

    I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or perhaps a part of the game I am unfamiliar with but here goes. My user name is Blindsider66 and I am in the world Winyandor on the live server us2 I was playing the Rise of the Phoenix Cult game that is currently being run and the game version is 1.125...
  8. Blindsider66

    Payback Currency

    I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or perhaps a part of the game I am unfamiliar with but here goes. My user name is Blindsider66 and I am in the world Winyandor on the live server us2 I was playing the Rise of the Phoenix Cult game that is currently being run and the game version is 1.125...
  9. Blindsider66

    It was right there. Or was it?

    This might be a question for the Bugs-R-Us Dept. but I'm going to ask it here first. Has anyone else ever gone to the Quest page to select a Chest and found all 3 Chests valued at 150 Sky Essence. The prizes all listed at ![Payback Currency] and the reward showing "All Prizes", 500 Phoenix...
  10. Blindsider66

    Help Who's winning? How can we tell?

    With all the changes having been implemented in this game lately, I find it strange that no scoreboard has been erected to rank an individual fellowships tournament progress against the other fellowships of that world. The addition of 9 Bonus Chests to the original 10 is a great motivator, and...
  11. Blindsider66

    Help Fellowship Adventure

    There is confusion amongst the members of my fellowship as to when the new Adventure is scheduled to start. We have been notified of Tuesday, Oct 6th being the launch of the new Tournament style on US servers, but nothing about the Adventure. Some members say it begins on Monday the 5th. Has...
  12. Blindsider66

    Ancient Wonders

    I would like suggest a minor change to the Ancient Wonders section that could possibly make keeping track of Ancient Wonders much easier to do. I am about to start chapter 11, and like most players at that level, have quite a few AW's to deal with when it comes to upgrading. My main issue is...
  13. Blindsider66

    Is Relic placement random?

    In the Magic Academy, there are three relics used to create Combining Catalysts, marble, silk and gem. The absence of any one of these relics will bring my Academy, and therefore my city to a screeching halt. Today just happens to be one of those glorious days. I now find myself searching for a...
  14. Blindsider66

    Why is there no statistics board set up in here.

    With Tournaments every week and stats from FA's and the Spire to compare it only makes sense to have a Universal Leader Board. Big screen, picture in picture, all the news from all the worlds. That might be nice.
  15. Blindsider66

    When does the fat lady sing?

    This FA has somehow slipped in, taken up residence inside my head, and is now living there rent free. When I close my eyes I'm bombarded with visions of numbers and combinations, guilds, wands and hats, none of which were the least bit invited. I tried limiting my participation in the adventure...
  16. Blindsider66

    Where do I find the blueprints?

    Every week I am handed a blueprint (small square with a star in the center) as part of the rewards from a 10 chest tournament victory, yet the origin or whereabouts of these puppies remains a mystery to me. I have seen them used in the Academy to create enchantments, yet it is in the upgrading...
  17. Blindsider66

    Is there a way to see how ones Fellowship is ranked during, or after, a tournament?

    I was just wondering how to keep updated with tournament rankings. Moreso I am curious to know if a standings board has been set up and who and when can one see it. Our Fellowship in Winyandor is sister to four other strong 10 Chest Tournament teams, and although they exist in other worlds, are...
  18. Blindsider66

    Deleted Mercenary Camp.

    I was wondering how one would go about replacing a lost or deleted Mercenary Canp? I'm sure these types of things happen every day around here and the solution is only a click away. Right? The Mercenary Camp is by far the least used barracks in my city and short of the Valorian Guards, is...