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Search results

  1. Smooper

    Help Triumph of the Tides...worth placing?

    So I finally got an evolution artifact so I can make my Triumph of the Tides a fully evolved building. Is it a good one to place? I play 65% military so I only use goods on tech and 6 provinces in the tourney. Also I got my Triumph of the Tides 5 chapters ago so would need 16 RR for each...
  2. Smooper

    Group messages still disappearing

    I read that supposedly this was fixed. Twice in the last week my fellowship news thread has been unavailable to members of my fellowship. Can't really notify members if only some see it and I don't even know if that happens unless they tell me which they won't because how would they know...
  3. Smooper

    Starting a new city

    So a couple months ago (nearly) I decided to make a second city for the purpose of perhaps making a competitive city that could join a gold spire type fellowship. Well I have pretty much given up that idea but haven't given up the city. I play it a couple times a night and a bit more on...
  4. Smooper

    Just finished a chapter...

    I am considering holding off building all the chapter buildings until after the FA. I have some techs to research but if I get them all done what is a good thing to do while I wait for the FA besides twiddling my thumbs?
  5. Smooper

    Dwarven Citadel

    If you are a fighting style of player are you using this and if so, what do you think of it now that it has been in your city for awhile now?
  6. Smooper

    Auto battle vs. manual battle

    I am a big fan of manual battlling and that is from my years of playing strategy computer wargames. Manual battling hereis similar to the game Heroes of Might and Magic. It is a simple battle mechanism but one that involves some strategy and can be fun. The problem is manual battling can take...
  7. Smooper

    Culture building suggestions (see below)

    So I am in ch. 9 and have six or so Weeping Willows left. I used to have 12 but have been replacing them with smaller festival merchants. I have 6 of those out and now I have some of the Savory Food Markets I want to place and keep my high culture and mana output. So I will replace the...
  8. Smooper

    Maximizing Goods Production

    I was looking for something that might have all the tips and strategies to make your city a fountain of goods. A city that rarely ever fights but makes it to the top of the Spire and goes 20 or more provinces deep every week in the Tournament. I am mostly a manual fighter but I have members of...
  9. Smooper

    How many troop losses is too much?

    So there is an acceptable amount of losses of your troops for each player. I would guess with smaller squads it could be the loss of more troops compared to larger squads where there are more units in each squad. What amount of troops are you willing to lose in a battle before you say, "too much"?
  10. Smooper

    Elven Architect

    I have never used Elven Architect for anything. I have looked at it at found it seems hard to use in a constructive way. If you are a user or past user of EA, tell me what features you liked or like to use and maybe a tip. Thanks for helping a confused player out.
  11. Smooper

    What is an AW KP dump?

    I have seen this posted in the forums. What is the purpose? In our fellowship we just use the heart to shift around where you might want KP placed. Is this the same thing? Also why is it detrimental to have a wonder get to a high level sometimes? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  12. Smooper

    Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    What are the tips for making sure you have squads and squads of troops for all the battles?
  13. Smooper

    Fellowship post to encourage and assist fighting

    I created a short guide that I was going to post in the forum to encourage players to fight more. I would post one about how to maximize negotiating/convincing but I feel that would be better left to others in my Fellowship. The goal is to help players get further in tournament and spire so we...
  14. Smooper

    JusticeSQ needs you

    Introducing JusticeSQ. I would define JusticeSQ as a group of like-minded casual players who are a true fellowship. What is our like-mindedness? We all want to play and grow our city and we participate in the events to the best of our abilities. There are no rules here except to be active...
  15. Smooper

    Spectral Stone

    Last Spire, I used a spectral stone to help me finish convincing some ghosts. What is the best way to use one of these? At the beginning, middle or end of convincing? What are your thoughts on how well the work compared to not using them at all?
  16. Smooper

    Frequency of Events

    There has probably been a discussion about this but my recent searching didn't come up with anything. Please scroll on if this doesn't interest you. For my fellowship and me personally, I feel that there are too many events. I would like maybe 3 weeks in between events so that our fellowship...
  17. Smooper

    JusticeSQ in Felyndral US3 is looking for one great person

    That's right a great person, not player. We don't care if you are great at Elvenar but you must be an active player and if you are a great person, that is even better. 24 active players are looking for one more to join us. Weekly 10 chests in tournament, Spire pushes once a month, AW KP swap...