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Search results

  1. EnchantedEnder

    Chapter 17 Quest Stuck

    I seem to have a Chapter 17 quest that is "stuck". Not sure if this is a bug. Anyone else having a similar issue? The quest shows a green completed check mark but can not seem to move past it to collect reward and move on to next quest. I've tried closing & re-0pening game & that does not help...
  2. EnchantedEnder

    Emerald Elites seeking new members

    If you have personal goals to achieve in tourney and spire this fellowship is for you. We look for people with a score of 500k+, tourney avg of 1.6k+, and regularly complete the spire. Come have fun with us ! (Willing to overlook score if other preferences are exceeded) Please contact Mykan...
  3. EnchantedEnder

    Emerald Elites Recruiting

    Emerald Elites is looking for spire and tourney oriented players. We are seeking players with a tourney average of at least 2000 and regularly complete the spire. We use a wonder society for leveling AW's and trading kp. If you are interested in having fun with a team of active members with no...
  4. EnchantedEnder

    Trade Partners is seeking new members

    Trade Partners has 2 openings. We participate in all tournaments & adventure but do not pressure members to participate. We could use more members boosted in marble, crystal & magic dust but will accept anyone regardless of boosts. We accept players of all levels & are happy to help newer...
  5. EnchantedEnder

    Trade Partners is seeking new members

    Trade partners is seeking new members. Our fellowship accepts players of any level but would prefer active players. We are heavy on members boosted in steel. silk, elixir and gems. Players boosted in marble, crystal and magic dust would be very popular in the fellowship. We take part in all...