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Search results

  1. Smooper

    Help Triumph of the Tides...worth placing?

    So I finally got an evolution artifact so I can make my Triumph of the Tides a fully evolved building. Is it a good one to place? I play 65% military so I only use goods on tech and 6 provinces in the tourney. Also I got my Triumph of the Tides 5 chapters ago so would need 16 RR for each...
  2. Smooper

    Time to say goodbye

    It is sad for us that you are leaving but you have to do what is right. You will never be too far because I rewatch (listen) to your videos quite often. You and Ainsley just had a calming ASMR quality and they will always be relevant to me. Good luck.
  3. Smooper

    Group messages still disappearing

    I am not going to send a ticket in until I know for sure the player in question isn't deleting them by accident. It just seems odd that it happened 2 times to him in last 10 days.
  4. Smooper

    Group messages still disappearing

    That's what I did with the one I am using now. I will try again.
  5. Smooper

    Group messages still disappearing

    I read that supposedly this was fixed. Twice in the last week my fellowship news thread has been unavailable to members of my fellowship. Can't really notify members if only some see it and I don't even know if that happens unless they tell me which they won't because how would they know...
  6. Smooper


    I think having lots of troops is beneficial but so is stronger troops. Both methods can give same results is done correctly. @crackie Are you autofighting at Chapter 3 in the Spire?
  7. Smooper

    Space Suggestion

    I have tried to use ElvenArchitect but I can't get how to move things and organize. Trying to figure out a plan for the new chapter is my main thing with the changes in resident size etc. I was almost thinking of just using graph paper. Does anyone know if there is a tutorial on using...
  8. Smooper

    Starting a new city

    After a burst of development this weekend, I have come up against the "silk wall". I need tier 2 goods to get the last culture tech from ch. 2 so I can move on. Hopefully I will grow my one silk manufactory (only have room for one) and it will provided all the tier 2 goods I need to complete...
  9. Smooper

    Starting a new city

    That might have been an option if I didn't have like 10 wood and 10 iron for 3 weeks.
  10. Smooper

    Starting a new city

    I think I have turned a corner. I bought another expansion and got one from provinces and now have 3 more residences so my population is much better and the culture is keeping up. I will grab a bunch of scouts as soon as my squad size improves one more and then upgrade my buildings. Let you...
  11. Smooper

    Discussion Mischievous Therapy - Discussion

    Problem I have with them is that they run to far ahead and the HM and HR make short work of them by the end of round 1. Good for taking out a specific mage or LR unit but don't expect many survivors.
  12. Smooper

    Discussion Mischievous Therapy - Discussion

    I find my cerberus are mainly cannon fodder. I rarely use LM troops though except for easy battles.
  13. Smooper

    Starting a new city

    So a couple months ago (nearly) I decided to make a second city for the purpose of perhaps making a competitive city that could join a gold spire type fellowship. Well I have pretty much given up that idea but haven't given up the city. I play it a couple times a night and a bit more on...
  14. Smooper

    What’s your generation ?

    Almost old enough to be a boomer but I am GenX. It feels right. edit: musically I like 90's alt so that is a bit different but I also love 70's rock so I am a bit conflicted.
  15. Smooper

    Forwarded Dwarven Armorer

    Imbalances the game and I most likely would never see it. 19 chests is bragging and that's about it.
  16. Smooper

    FA push towns must End! That's clear cheating!

    @BrinDarby I was not saying you run push cities I was saying you ran cities at a low level which top the spire and could be used to collect diamonds to use on your main city. If a person was willing he could gather gold spire diamonds from 7 cities to put into his account and use in his main...
  17. Smooper

    FA push towns must End! That's clear cheating!

    I don't think it would be as much work as you think to run 7 extra cities to the top of the spire if you have them. @BrinDarby What are your thoughts on the time to get a second or third city to a spire run position and how much time would it take to get to the top of the spire and run the city...
  18. Smooper

    FA push towns must End! That's clear cheating!

    I guess if you have an account in each world, you could have 8 cities. 7 of those could just give "share" their diamonds with the main city.
  19. Smooper

    FA push towns must End! That's clear cheating!

    I recently started a second city that shares diamonds. What happens if you have more cities? Where do the diamonds go for those cities?
  20. Smooper

    FA push towns must End! That's clear cheating!

    We have written a lot about push cities and how they are cheating. I really think that only one type of push city is illegal as far as Inno thinks and that is the ones that push KP onto another city. The cities that push fellowship rewards and points are totally legal. The one type that I...