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Search results

  1. Cellica Lurorah

    Invitation to Join Family of Dragons

    Greetings from Family of Dragons! We are currently looking for people to help our Fellowship grow. We are competitive, and yet have a relaxed atmosphere. We do have some expectations, which helps keep the fellowship drama free. They are basic, and what most fellowships require from their...
  2. Cellica Lurorah

    Request for CoArchmage title

    I am asking for another title to be added "Co-Archmage" with the same duties of the Archmage. The Archmage COULD select someone to take charge in case the Archmage is away for a long length of time, or just abandons the fellowship. It would help the fellowship to know who to go to in case there...
  3. Cellica Lurorah

    Blue Prints

    I don't know what good blue prints are.... Other than using to upgrade magic buildings and royal restoration, How else can they be used? I wish I could convert them to manas or something to help advance me thru the guest race needs.
  4. Cellica Lurorah

    The Council

    We are currently looking for members!!
  5. Cellica Lurorah

    Fellowship seeking Members

    Family of Dragons are looking for active Tournament Warriors! Would like 5000 score min. Boosts in Marble Crystal and Elixir a plus. Active KP exchange. We are friendly and very helpful. Come join us. What do you have to lose?
  6. Cellica Lurorah

    Mobile App communication

    I agree with everything said. Not to mention, if you don't use mobile or tablet apps, it's very hard to advise them. Chat keeps going in and out for all users. Find away to let them participate in tournaments at the very least.
  7. Cellica Lurorah

    Visit Kingdoms

    It would be fun to visit other Kingdoms/ Fellowships, to help with constructions, and perhaps have a conversation as our avitars with their avitars. It would give us better ideas on how to set up our own Kingdoms, or weather to have them as friend or foe. ( Like the old FarmVille) Also have a...