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Search results

  1. Blindsider66

    I need stronger troops

    Thank you to all contributors on this subject and to Silverbug Luxor for asking the question. The knowledge provided here and in Crackies posts is exactly the information i have been searching for. Much appreciated. Peace Blindsider66
  2. Blindsider66

    New Game Features Spire chests

    I'm getting tired of some of the prizes given out in the Spire. 10% PP's from 2nd level Boss or Bonus Chests awarding a mere 3 CC's. I've lost count of how many Artifacts are being stored away just in case I decide to evolve a building I never wanted in the first place or for one I've already...
  3. Blindsider66

    Seeking a laid-back Fellowship

    I am currently looking for a Fellowship filled with casual players. I'm trying to stay clear of highly competitive groups as my online time is somewhat restricted at the moment. Willing to do my share. Boosted in Steel, Crystal and those red stones. Sorry, I am having one of those days..:( If...
  4. Blindsider66

    Can there be too much of a good thing?

    The new method of donating KP has allowed for me to deposit far greater amounts into the Ancient Wonders of my friends and of my Fellowship. However, this morning I found myself stopped in my tracks after only playing 200KP. The message stated that the individual (recipient) had received enough...
  5. Blindsider66

    Bonus points on the Spire?

    A few months ago theres was talk regarding total points available on the Spire (1575 ). Or whether it was possible to get more. This weeks count in Winyandor is clearly one of the rare times that extra points have been recorded (1643 ). Congrats to the members of Derp Alliance for a sweet run.
  6. Blindsider66

    News City movement

    Yesterday's relocating of active cities really mixed things up in my neighborhood. Looking at all the new arrivals I would say 80% of the original residents are gone. Thankfully there are a few friendly faces still remaining. Once the shuffling is done we should welcome our new neighbors and...
  7. Blindsider66

    Are Mermaid artifacts in the Magic Academy?

    I was wondering where the Artifacts had gone. It seems they are even more elusive now that they were put into the MA than before. My Magic Academy appears to be not alone in denying these much needed Artifacts, the Spire has also. Is there any way to end this shortage or should I just deep six...
  8. Blindsider66

    pet feeding durations

    I would like to see that little addition implemented myself. It would sure make scheduling easier. Considering that just about everything in this game is timed, there are only a couple more areas I can see that aren't, but should be. Why can we not see how much time remains when using Power of...
  9. Blindsider66

    Brown Bear sighted in MA? What about artifacts?

    I saw the Brown Bear Artifacts in my MA this afternoon. The cost...10K Spell Fragments + 3 Blueprints. How's that for a bargain..:( Peace Blindsider66
  10. Blindsider66

    How long will mermaid base be in crafting?

    Is it not possible for you to have both the chapter 6 Mermaid and the soon to be chapter 14 Mermaid in your city at the same time. I know I have seen other players with multiples of these buildings. In fact I saw one city this afternoon that contained 3 Mermaids and another with 2 Brown Bears...
  11. Blindsider66

    Show Spire Scores for FS Members after Spire has Finished

    I like this idea. The Fairy has only scratched the surface of what I feel should be posted for viewing. Why not show how each Fellowship finished out the Tournament in relation to the others in each world. We do it for individual players, so do it for the Fellowship also. Anyways, just a...
  12. Blindsider66

    Hello Hi there!

    @Wink1. There is no reason that you would need to wait until Chapter 2 to join a Fellowship, and the guidance one might provide can be very useful. You are already acquainted with the Forum and there is a fine section here devoted to matching Players with Fellowships. Browse through the many...
  13. Blindsider66

    Teleport Enchantment?

    I'm pretty sure that Teleports cannot be used on evolving buildings...It would be nice if they could. I'm wondering if you might actually have two different buildings instead of a pair of Fairy Gardens. Some of these buildings can look quite alike, and I can't remember a previous Fairy Garden...
  14. Blindsider66

    Discussion update v1.129 discussion

    I don't remember the last time I needed to get an update from Google Play Store. Thankfully my android automatically updates to the latest version whenever I log in. The last thing I need is something else to forget. Peace Blindsider66
  15. Blindsider66

    Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    But that is how it has always been on the mobile app. A finished quest is a finished quest and they are always the same shade of green. Regular quests, event quests, FA quests. All the same. Are the Quests always Green before they are finished? no! So why should a Quest in progress be the same...
  16. Blindsider66

    Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    Why did the Open Quests need to be same color as Finished Quests? I can understand the Fairy-Queen's Garden might need to be green...but the exact same shade as well. Now when the Quests tab turns green to show somethings been completed, I can no longer easily identify which Quest has been...
  17. Blindsider66

    500 Diamonds From MA

    Sure she will! She comes over here all the time and reads your 'Awesome Forum Posts'. Today she also brought your dog along with her. WOOF, WOOF. That's right. Good boy! He says, Enjoy your diamonds, Michael. Peace Blindsider66
  18. Blindsider66


    Did I just see you wiggle out of that can? Crazy Wizard, tricks are for kids! A restored Peace Blindsider66
  19. Blindsider66

    Mermaids Paradise

    ...And they're Cool to look at too! They kinda remind me of Sea Monkey's. Not just any Sea Monkey's, but the generous and calming type. Generous because they give us all that Sweet T-1 loot and those awesome, collectable KP's every day. Calming because I don't have to worry about my sister...
  20. Blindsider66


    I have deep-sixed too many buildings to count by getting into the rhythm. No less than 3 Libraries have fallen victim to this digital mishap, as have a multitude of Evo-buildings. Why is this the first time I am hearing that it can be reversed. I think that is a can of worms INNO doesn't want...