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Search results

  1. Gaelio

    looking for active fellowship (khelonaar)

    I am currently playing in Khelonaar. I play daily but I am boosted in Dust and cannot find anyone to trade with me and so I am stuck. Looking for a fellowship where people trade regularly, especially those looking for Dust.
  2. Gaelio

    Tips for new Users (February 2019 edition)

    I have reached the Halflings stage in play. Can I sell off my alchemy buildings now to make space so I can rearrange buildings? Does anyone know if there is a 'grid' that recommends how to place buildings for optimal space? Trying to place buildings with little space drives me crazy!;) I...
  3. Gaelio


    What is the best way to get through orcs without setting yourself on fire?? Do you waste time upgrading portal past 2, do you keep upgrading farms?
  4. Gaelio

    NOO PRESSURE is recruiting

    NOO Pressure is still looking for active players. Boost in crystal would be great. This is a fun group of people, and like the name says, there's noooo pressure.
  5. Gaelio

    Looking for an active fellowship

    Hi, I am boosted in planks, scrolls, and magic dust. I am now at the level of Orcs and nearing Wood Elves. I play daily, trade and take trades, and do visits. The FS I am in now has lost leadership and is becoming very inactive. I'm not into drama or complaining...just like to have fun!
  6. Gaelio

    Misfits Recruiting

    Hi, If you're still looking, I'm interested. I am in an FS that is sagging in activity right now. I'm currently in Orcs. I play daily, visit, and trade. My boosts are planks, scrolls, and dust.
  7. Gaelio

    RANKED #6th ELVENAR`S PROTECTION Seeking New Awesome Member

    Checking if you still have openings. My FS just began to sag. Trades are mainly picked up by World Map. I'm almost through Orcs and on to Wood Elves. Boosts are planks, scrolls, dust. I play daily, do tourneys, visits, and events, and certainly trade and take trades. I'm not chatty on the...
  8. Gaelio

    NOO PRESSURE is recruiting

    Hi Freia, it is very nice...but so was the last fellowship. It is just more active in trading. There are actually trades that I can pick up as well as trades that are picked up by the fellowship. So it is more balanced with my boosts anyway. If you do decide to leave, the archmage...
  9. Gaelio

    Faith, Hope & Charity looking for player

    We are a very nice fellowship with one space open. Would prefer someone with boosts in at least one of these: marble, crystal, elixir. You must have a trader and actively like to trade and grow your city. Hope to see you in town! Gaelio
  10. Gaelio

    NOO PRESSURE is recruiting

    Hi, I play in two other cities and now in Sinya Arda. I'm in a nice fellowship but my trades just sit and sit. I am boosted in steel, scrolls, and elixir. Does your fellowship have need of these and do they actively trade? Thanks, Gaelio
  11. Gaelio

    Don't want to do battles

    That's a relief to hear. Thanks. I had never realized that one could over-scout...so thanks also for that tip.
  12. Gaelio

    Don't want to do battles

    I really decided early to not do battles. I generally lost...always lost if I used 'automatic', and I don't have patience for the slow cumbersome fights. Here's the problem, I'm in Fairies and I've increased my provinces to the point where I have to have Orcs to finish a province. The game...
  13. Gaelio

    About to enter Fairies

    Thanks so much! Now it makes a sort of sense.....at least what may be considered sensible in Fairy World. ;)
  14. Gaelio

    About to enter Fairies

    I just got the quest to sell the Dwarven portal and then the request to connect the roads. I am not sure what this means??? Do I just sell all granite and copper mines along with the tracks....or should I wait until I can replace the portal with the Fairy portal?? Thanks!
  15. Gaelio

    Unable to collect copper

    Thanks Pixi! That was it!....I guess there is nothing I can do but wait until I research a technology that needs copper.
  16. Gaelio

    Unable to collect copper

    I did report this, and the Elvenar powers that be said that I should try moving my copper factories around. I did this, and I also rebooted the game several times in different browsers. I still can't collect finished copper. Has anyone else had this problem?? Gaelio
  17. Gaelio


    I have the same problem. I have now been stuck in Dwarves and cannot move forward. I placed a ticket, but no change so far.
  18. Gaelio

    [12497] Orc Strategist

    I have completed research on banshee. I have trained on the battle ground and used banshee in battles. Yet the red mark remains and I cannot move forward in the game. It's as though it is not complete. What can be done????