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Search results

  1. wen724

    Rules regarding Multi Accounts

    On the main forum page, on the right hand side, there is a list of "quick links." It's the 4th one down.
  2. wen724


    I sent you an invite. We're pretty laid back. We like to get prizes but aren't extremely competitive. Try to finish the FAs but not interested in ranking. Join us if you think we'd be a good fit.
  3. wen724

    Fellowship Adventures - 2023

    I feel your pain. I'm AM for one and have been struggling with this during every FA. I have in the past busted everyone down to fellow to prevent early flag pulling, but that doesn't solve the problem of some of them placing badges all over the place when we have a path we are focusing on. We...
  4. wen724

    Fellowship Adventures - 2023

    Chapter 13 - 7306k
  5. wen724

    Fellowship Adventure

    My FS didn't really notice the change until we got to level 3. That's where they really get you. I think I was noticing that it took a lot more gold to get one badge, but the number of badges was still doable.
  6. wen724

    Fellowship Adventure

    Not loving the change to the sack of coins badge. Actually, that's not strong enough. I hate the change. In my low level city, I collected from all buildings and gave help to all discovered neighbors and FS members. That netted me 1 badge and maybe 10% of the next one. I don't have a lot of...