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Search results

  1. DogsHouse

    Servers down or scheduled maintenance?

    Has anyone had a problem with logging on to Beta? It's been four days since I've been on and I missed the last day of the Carnival :( Every time I click on the Beta "flag" to change over to the Beta server it reverts right back to the American flag. I've restarted my laptop but nothing seems...
  2. DogsHouse

    FA questions, a whole bunch of

    Sorry, Crow, I read your message wrong and I gave a really dumb response, LOL
  3. DogsHouse

    FA questions, a whole bunch of

    Crow, I was out of town last FA. Thanks for everyone's help!
  4. DogsHouse

    FA questions, a whole bunch of

    The spreadsheet and Gems don't match up and we can't plan ahead. Is there a spreadsheet (or something) that we can use? Maybe this question has been answered somewhere else on the forum but I haven't seen it.
  5. DogsHouse

    Relatively new player, but growing very quickly. Looking for new active fellowship

    We may be able to give you a good home, here at Just For Fun! We join in on the FA's and do Tournaments. I can't believe you did so much for the FA's you were doing! Nice effort on your part. We need Planks and Silk (definitely Silk!) for our fellowship, so you would be a great addition...
  6. DogsHouse

    3rd chapter player looking for active Fellowship

    Have you joined a fellowship yet? We would love to have you join us. We need all of your boosted goods and can give you a good home. Please let me know! Feel free to ask questions. Dogs
  7. DogsHouse

    Silk Boosted Needed, Approx Score 10,000 to 50,000

    We're looking for players boosted in Silk. Just for Fun! is a pretty easy going fellowship. We do Tournament and FA's, but we don't pressure anyone. We are looking for players that have a score of anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000, but we will look at anyone with Silk who might want to join...