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Search results

  1. MsScarlet

    Diamonds for selling

    I have been trying to research on Wiki and Gems and other places to find out which chapters have quests at the end to sell the main portal buildings for diamonds. It would be nice if there was a list somewhere that had the chapters that did this. Specifically, right now, I am trying to find...
  2. MsScarlet


    wow Zoof. this was quire an effort. Thanks for putting al this together and your input on all of this.
  3. MsScarlet


    Thanks Mykan. I do understand that the company and it's employees need to be able to keep the lights on. People can't work for free. I think that's why they started putting advertisements on Gems and some parts of the game site. Selling packages for the events might be working somewhat...
  4. MsScarlet


    how is that the case Crazy. My member is telling me that he cannot get anymore expansions without buying them. Are you saying you just use diamonds you've accumulated finishing some chapter (and maybe from spire and collections in academy)?
  5. MsScarlet


    It is not my city that is at that point yet, but it will be. I have other members who have reached the end of being able to get expansions without buying them. Elvenar also makes money by selling diamonds and quest needs, etc
  6. MsScarlet


    I understand that the purchases are choice, but when you have empty space on your city map, but you get no expansions from encounters on the map, nor on the research trail, that's almost tantamount to extortion. People get and sell buildings all the time. All I'm saying is that the game should...
  7. MsScarlet


    The developers of this game should change their thoughts and deeds on kingdom expansions. As long as someone has empty land space in their kingdom, they should be able to get expansions on the research trail and/or map encounters. They should not be forced to purchase expansions because the...