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Search results

  1. Magic houses

    Ive purchased two of the Magic Residents buildings For me it was worth it. For the Magic Workshops They require ALOT of population so I have yet to get those. Perhaps as my city grows I will have more population to spare. lol lol
  2. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    Yea the 1x1 additions are very nice. I also like how the quest have changed in such a way for them to be more Flexible for players. Very well done.
  3. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I do hope they continue and have Prize buildings that work well with the fighting strategy.
  4. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Sounds like a plan for sure, Thanks for the reply!
  5. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Greeting all, This is my first phoenix event. I was only able to get 5 artifact so far. Should I go ahead and place the Phoenix building in my city or save the space for something else ? I know that pet food is hard to come by and only getting 3 percent back at this point is not as much if I had...
  6. Residence and Workshop Size

    For sure Its nice to be able to see each building! Should I put this into a different part of the forums? Feel free to share with anyone you can to see if we can get enough people on board!
  7. Residence and Workshop Size

    Yes! That's exactly it. Its hard to find things and it just does not look good. Thanks for helping me explain lol lol
  8. Residence and Workshop Size

    I would like to request that the development team make the Residence and Workshop buildings scale just a little smaller at the higher levels. At the higher tiers they seem to all mash up together, and look like one big building lol. Would make the users city look better and easier to navigate...
  9. Overworld & Underworld

    How about this , Just like the Spire when we click on it it takes us to that area. Why not have a Mine shaft that can be clicked on that takes you to the Under ground world? As you dig out new mine shafts aka progress the area is opened up more and more. Lots of possibilities !. Also at higher...
  10. Choosing your race & portal expansion

    I like this idea , Why not add Vikings and a playable race?
  11. Discussion update v1.141

    Only been playing the game for a month now, and is alot of fun! But I will say the new tab does look strange. Maybe keep the size but use the original graphics? I honestly thought the original size was fine. lol lol