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Search results

  1. Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    Hi. I'm parked at the end of Chapter 3 (both cities) because time is not available (due to work) to take on Ch 4 and 5 (though I'm almost ready). Is it a good idea for me - at this early level - to build Solar Training Grounds, or should I wait until end of Ch 4 to do it? (one city has 5 of...
  2. Triumph of Tides bases

    Thank you. I already have Vallorian Valour, so I'm producing the Guards already. That tells me what I need to know at this stage. I appreciate the quick reply. - SuNaya Dark
  3. Triumph of Tides bases

    Question - What (other than Supplies) does this Triumph/Tides building produce? Is it worth it for a player who has cities at the end of Chapter 3? (not quite ready to advance, so I'm temporarily parked (by choice). Thanks. - SuNaya Dark
  4. Twilight phoenix - the first poison pill in Elvenar...

    That is something I may need to try! I wasn't aware I could do this in manual fighting mode. I tend to AutoFight and see what happens. Now I may be changing my tactics. (I'm currently parked at the end of Ch3 on both of my cities. I'm upgrading ALL the things to max before moving into Ch4. Just...
  5. Animations of Buildings

    THANK YOU !!! That actually helped! Once I get "The Beast" up and running, it won't be a problem. But for now - on the "old" Lenovo - this really helped !! - SuNaya Dark
  6. Animations of Buildings

    Thank you. However - Firefox is currently the most stable browser. Can you name - specifically - which browser is better? Thank you. - SuNaya Dark
  7. Animations of Buildings

    Hi. I have a question for the Developers/etc. Some of us are still playing on older PCs/laptops, and lack enough graphics RAM that it creates issues with all the active animations. Is it possible to turn off the Animations? (an upgraded laptop is in the works, but I sometimes have lagg...
  8. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Question, please: What does the Solar Training Grounds produce in terms of Troops? I can't figure out the tiny icon. Thanks. - SuNaya Dark
  9. Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    Question: What does the Solar Training Grounds building (the new one from this most recent Event) produce? I know it's some kind of troops, but what kind? I can't make out the mini icon. Thanks. - SuNaya Dark
  10. Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    I just checked out Crackie's Fight document. "Mastering the Art of Pew Pew" almost had me snorting my tea! Hilarious !! ;) :p
  11. Vallorian Valor

    Hi. I'm near the end of Chapter 3 in both of my cities. (Solo for now, staying that way, have a question) Is Vallorian Valor worth it at this stage of my game? I have a spot, and was looking for a 3x3 to fill it. Is this worth the cost to have my MA make it? What does it give me every 6 hours...
  12. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I can't find a breakdown of exactly WHAT each building in the Dwarven Set from the new Event Game does. Can anyone help with this? I have parts of the Citadel, but can't figure out what the benefits are in some cases. For instance: What kind of Military Item does the Solar Training Grounds...
  13. Silly Thoughts About Sillier Situations

    ;) Ok, THAT'S Funny !! :D
  14. Help City Expansions 7 and 8

    Awesome! City Expansion 8 is in the section that also has Magic Dust Boost (which I NEED before actually Building a couple of them (they're huge, and I don't have the room, at the moment!) Thank you, all. =)
  15. Help City Expansions 7 and 8

    I have a newbie question, please - I'm in Chapter 3 in both of my cities, and about to get to the City Expansions section in the early middle part. There are 2 Expansions available on different "paths". Is it possible to attain City Expansion 8 BEFORE getting City Expansion 7 ? Thank you...
  16. Help Looking for Advice to Get Easy Provinces Again

    Ok, thank you for clarifying, Crackie. The Orcs I'll need for Negotiating/Convincing will need to be produced after I unlock them in Ch8. So I can "blow through" the Orc Strategists without worry. That's good to know. Thanks. :)
  17. Goods options suggestion

    So. I won't see many until I join a Fellowship. Ok, good to know. Thank you for the input. - Side Note - I will never intentionally spend $20 on an expiring item. If I'm spending THAT much real world money, it'll be for something that lasts a while in-game, otherwise what's the point... I play...
  18. Help Disparity of cost

    I see. Well, at some point I MIGHT have room for a Twilight Phoenix, but still... Evolving them NOW seems wasteful to me.
  19. Help Looking for Advice to Get Easy Provinces Again

    I've been getting Orcs since nearly the end of Ch 2. I won a "Grounds of the Orc Strategist" as an Event Bldg. Planted it as soon as I had the expansion set up. It's a slow collection process, but I'm getting them. And using them in battles. They're pretty good for a low-chapter city. I hope to...
  20. Goods options suggestion

    Unrelated to subject, but I'm needing an answer I can't find anywhere else. Royal Restoration. How often does one get them, and from what source? Thanks.