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Search results

  1. AW

    Wow, you guys are fantastic. Thanks very much for all this information.
  2. FA participation

    Thanks everyone for this information. Doesn't look like it encourages much participation.
  3. AW

    Thanks everyone. There's a lot of info to catch up to.
  4. moonstone library set

    Thanks everyone for your help with this. I'm all set now.
  5. AW

    Are AW really worth it? If so, which ones are the best? I am at the Woodelves level.
  6. FA participation

    Do you get more rewards the more you participate?
  7. moonstone library set

    I have all the pieces. Do the pieces have to be placed in a certain way or just having all the pieces is good enough to get the extra stuff?
  8. City Expansions

    Is it a good idea to stockpile expansions or is it best to use them immediately?
  9. Help Magical Mana Hut

    I am presently in Woodelve chapter. I have a magical mana hut. Right now it is producing tools. If I upgrade it, it will be producing gems. What will it produce if I upgrade it again and again and so on?
  10. Mismatch

    I guess I didn't make myself clear. Let me try again. What I meant by mismatch is that my FS is boosted the same goods as I am and trades are hard to make because we all have a lot of the same goods. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your help is very much appreciated.
  11. Trading Mindsets (or, Tips to Alleviate Frustration and Achieve Success in the Trader)

    Very interesting reading. I am presently in a situation where my FS is loaded with goods I do not need which makes trading very hard. I am wondering what to do next. Should I move to another FS or stay and wait for things to change.
  12. Mismatch

    I belong to a FS where there is a mismatch between my boosted goods and the FS. It wasn't that way when I joined. What should I do? Should I stay with the FS and hope things change or should I move to another FS that matches my boosted goods better.
  13. Elven stats

    Thanks everyone. Good to know that we can still use it as I find it invaluable.
  14. Archmage issues

    Were you able to get the problem resolved?
  15. Elven stats

    Is Elven Stats still being updated and is it still relavant?
  16. Help Teleport

    Thanks everyone for reminding me.
  17. Help Teleport

    My mind's gone blank. How do we acquire teleports?
  18. Help Discovered resources.

    I will certainly follow your suggestions.
  19. Help Discovered resources.

    I'm working 3 cities down from 8. 8 was way too much to handle. In 2 of the cities I have armories but not high enough in level. In 2 of the cities I've been able to do some manipulations to allow me to upgrade 1 armory to level 20. Now I am able to create orcs. That should allow me to unplug...
  20. Help Discovered resources.

    Thanks for the guidance Zoof. I'll keep an eye out for these.