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Search results

  1. YarL


    I had a player get angry at me for adding KPs (I think 15 KPs, maybe more). He was willing to explain for a long time (several messages) why he was angry. He said that he realizes that I don’t understand why he was angry, but accepts that I meant no malice. There were times in the past where I...
  2. YarL

    Poaching of players should be banned

    I found that when I was Archmage of my fellowship, we had quite a few defections (via poaching). It was annoying to me at times. Someone else took over that position a couple years back and there has been no more defections. And I have been happier in the game.
  3. YarL

    Welcome CMs

    Hail fellows well met!
  4. YarL

    Discussion Update 1.168 - Discussion thread

    I am impressed with how well the feature worked; thanks developers! It would be nice to see my explored lands in a zoomed out way so I could see the whole thing.
  5. YarL

    Critical Success?

    Here is one of this week’s results. It does make clear when there is a critical effect. Not as good as a permanent effect… but still a good result.
  6. YarL

    Critical Success?

    Right you are! The increase is based on my cultural value.
  7. YarL

    Critical Success?

    Notice production is 9.0m/3h. However, on the bottom you can see it is going to 15.3m/3h.
  8. YarL

    Critical Success?

    I brewed pretty much at random, like I usually do. I don’t really care which effects I get except I would rather not get an effect that is potentially a permanent effect. I still see the bonuses. I took screen shots. I will try to figure out which screen shot might provide useful information.
  9. YarL

    Critical Success?

    Last week on Tuesday I brewed and received 5 different effects. I had a 50% chance of each effect being a Critical Effect. If I was told whether any of the results were Critical Successes, I didn’t notice it. Scouring the wiki I found something that indicates that a Critical Success increases...
  10. YarL

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    I have 13 moonstone library sets. I was pretty lucky. One week I think I received 4 libraries in the Spire. Is that even possible? Yet I never exceeded 1.2M SF. I am someone who never focused exclusively on the two main paths in the game, combat or goods production. I am instead a magic path...
  11. YarL

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    80 diamonds is always a nice thing!
  12. YarL

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    Yes, you can reset ingredients. I did that many times. The icon is a clockwise circular arrow.
  13. YarL

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    I think order matters. I picked the first ingredient by which had the result I liked the most, overall. Then I tried all of the possibilities for the second ingredient, picking the one I liked most. I used diamonds to include all ingredients as possibilities. I did that process for all 25...
  14. YarL

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    It might be best for there to be an iterative improvement process for a FAQ on this, and the developers (and forum community managers) really need to be part of the process on this particular topic. I am most curious (and confused) about the level feature. I am really hoping it does not reset...
  15. YarL

    Stream Error

    Historical note. I used to play a computer game 40 years ago (Beyond the Stellar Empire, lasted ~20 years) where players interacted over the internet via email. There was a player who would intercept email messages from players and keep a copy for himself. He was literally checking every email...
  16. YarL

    Stream Error

    The fellowship message system (where you can’t send a new message) seems to be acting up again for me lately. Is that a streaming issue?
  17. YarL

    Stream Error

    Over on ElvenStats, I see error messages when building FS statistics that it could not retrieve certain data to build the list (history of player points). Could that be an indication of server (or streaming) problems on Inno’s side? Maybe this is useful info to the developers?
  18. YarL

    Stream Error

    I get stream errors. I’ll ask my fellowship when I get one of those (and lots of other error messages). They don’t see them. Leads me to think the problem is local to me. OP, if you stream video, do you ever get problems with stutters in watching that video? If so, the problem might be on your...
  19. YarL

    Forwarded Spire Completion "Giant 'Ta-Da'"

    It seems like when new ideas get suggested in the monthly online meetings they often get implemented if they like the idea. Also when they are soliciting for ideas in user surveys they also sometimes get implemented.
  20. YarL

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    I hope your new opportunity will be an enjoyable and profitable one. Thanks for all of you assistance, you are awesome!