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Search results

  1. Server Error

    Mine will not load, keep getting site cannot be reached.
  2. Game lag and freezing

    Hi all, Has any one else had issues with the game just freezing or lagging. Things to collect in my world won't collect till I reboot the game? I sent in a form to help desk and they sent me a form letter back how to clear my cache. Which I did just to prove it wouldn't help, which it did not...
  3. Wonder Wax

    OMG you are so right, months later I am still only using my own merchant, nd waiting 6 hours mostly to trade again. If We don't progress, I am worries about getting bored in the game. Frustration! Robby
  4. Wonder Wax

    G'day, I have two worlds. In one I can trade flying powder freely and have no issues. In the second I have wonder wax, but never get a trade for it, except from the merchant. There are 54 pages of people trying to trade it. Is there no balance in the game? Does not seem right.
  5. Green arrows

    HAHAHA No you don't understand, its when I open my manufactory, every choice has a green arrow!!
  6. Green arrows

    There is now green arrows on all choices in my ascended and sentient goods. I have to look each one up as they are different for every world. Any ideas?
  7. Discussion Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    The amount of "Solve Encounters" is over the top, again. seriously! Sighhhh
  8. Closed | Contact Support Missing Building

    Thank you so much Helya for all your help!!
  9. Closed | Contact Support Missing Building

    G'day, I fully upgraded a Silk building ready for the next ascended goods. I stored it using a spell. I can't find it in my summonings folder at all. I am losing my mind? Anyone heard of an issue please? I have put in a ticket. Thanks
  10. Need to whinge

    Yes but sadly, I get Artifacts from the top boss at the top of the spire. They say only a 10% chance and yet I get them every time. Unless the 10% chance is something I actually could use, then I don't. These are usually the prizes that DON"T give me Fragments. The booby prize at the...
  11. Need to whinge

    I am so tired of getting artifacts at the top of the spire. I do all the quests to the best of my ability and usually have the evolving building to a level 8 or 9 before the fellowship adventure. WE do the full FA and get more artifacts and complete the evolving building up to a 10. Why should...
  12. Portal Profits

    G'day, I have had no need to use Portal profits at all in this last guest race "Team Spirit" I keep winning them and have over 1000! I understand they are trying to slow us down but shheeeessshh Why give us something at the top of the spire, (most weeks lately!!) that I have no use for? None...
  13. Evolving buildings

    Yay! I found the info in Eleven architect!! Yes it is worth upgrading to a higher chapter as they come up! Thanks everyone!
  14. Evolving buildings

    Hi Hawk, Thanks or your reply. I have every possible evolving building and everyone is at level 10 When I get to a new guest race, I have the choice to use Royal restoration spells to bring it to the new chapter I am in. My question is, If I have say, an evolving building at level 10 in...
  15. Evolving buildings

    TY but, how can I tell what the chapter upgrade gives you? If the building is at level 10 and was built say in chapter 15, how can I tell what the advantage will be, to upgrade the building to chapter 16? (Sorry if I am dense)
  16. Evolving buildings

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there is any advantage to upgrading a fully evolved building to the next chapter? It gives you the option to use Royal Restoration spells. What is the advantage?
  17. Discussion 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    Just want to say there is WAY to many solve encounter quests! It takes 5 day for me to scout now. I had pages uncompleted a year ago and now I am battling ever second quest is solve encounters.(They always appear as soon as the other option like the spire is complete.)
  18. Help AW's as a job lot.

    Thanks Soggy!! They told me you would answer :)
  19. Help AW's as a job lot.

    G'day! Someone in my world asked this question. "Are there any boosts/perks/buffs in the game that are calculated based on the total number of levels on all your AWs?" I do remember something about AW's counting towards stuff, but I don't know for sure. Is there a link to any explanations of...
  20. Evolving buildings

    Sadly, I just realized I do not have a second base for it. Though I do have a second on quite a few others :) Sighhh