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Search results

  1. defiantoneks

    New round of Fellowship Adventures

    has anyone noticed that the link in the announcement that is supposed to come here, actually is for the announcement? so you click and it goes exactly where you already are.
  2. defiantoneks

    idea formation: guest road change

    as i build up some extra manus and workshops, it occurs to me that it would be nice if the guest race roads were revised to allow normal buildings to use them. specifically i feel like this would be nice to squeeze in a few planks or marble builds into the odd spaces between towers and breeding...
  3. defiantoneks

    Help Chapter 19 guest building ratios

    thank you for mathing for me. i'm getting too old for it! that's a lotta sprouts and whatnot.
  4. defiantoneks

    Help Chapter 19 guest building ratios

    i think you need to be able to build and delete a lot of towers right now, which means having the sprouts/minerals/ingots to do so. so build, time boost, delete (about what… 50 times?) then build, time boost, upgrade time time boost, delete. then you might have the total number of dark matter...
  5. defiantoneks

    Help Chapter 19 guest building ratios

    i think the answer to this is also how much you are willing or able to use PPs to fill the supply of dark & light magic. also, you will need to at least build and delete towers to get the dark matter needed for portal upgrades. so, do you build and delete immediately and rely on PP for actual...
  6. defiantoneks

    Post deleted!?!

    has nothing to do with "acceptable to the administration" and everything to do with account security and privacy.
  7. defiantoneks

    Did you know this about expiring production building?

    yeah, and it stinks. IMO, if it finishes a production you should be able to collect it, then sell/delete the building. Especially on the buildings where it produces a single item, and is not a continuous production. It's like saying the last Oldsmobile that came off the lines doesn't exist...
  8. defiantoneks

    Post deleted!?!

    any posts you make related to open tickets or personal account info will likely get removed. they want that info in support tickets and DMs or emails, not in the forums.
  9. defiantoneks

    what did i miss?

    really? suppose i could file a bug report but what good would that do…
  10. defiantoneks

    Inno time change?

    daylight saving in Germany is Mar. 26, according to Google.
  11. defiantoneks

    are you a Slacker?

    once again we have openings...2 to be exact. come hang out with us!
  12. defiantoneks

    Poaching of players should be banned

    no one gets my thin mints but me. six bucks a box!
  13. defiantoneks

    Reported "/who" not working in chat

    it's been a while. but as noted, it's a bit useless in practical application because it's not instant. so the green dot could just mean "oh yeah they WERE here, ten minutes ago…"
  14. defiantoneks

    Reported "/who" not working in chat

    btw i miss this more than i should. especially since the green dot is a little useless.
  15. defiantoneks

    Reported "/who" not working in chat

    i too have had inconsistent functionality of the /who.
  16. defiantoneks

    Poaching of players should be banned

    the recruitment attempts probably make ya'll go "hey we must be getting close, lets get em!"
  17. defiantoneks

    Poaching of players should be banned

    wow. lots to go through. my brief comments are: file a suggestion in the appropriate area to allow members to provide a recruitment status checkbox, message, etc as you feel appropriate. (note, I'm sure it's been mentioned before in a suggestion or as an alternative to someone's "ban this"...
  18. defiantoneks

    Mana and Seeds in later chapters

    i had over 8 million mana going into Exiles. it all vanished quickly. Guest race roads use 450k per tile. all productions use either seed or mana. and as you go higher, your AW upgrades will also require larger and larger amounts.