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  1. AW storage?

  2. AW storage?

    Can you store AWs now? You didn't used to be able to. I'm trying to see it on my screen but its so tiny and I don't want to make a mistake.
  3. how to count provinces

    I decided not to invest in Heroes Forge at this time. thanks everyone!
  4. Embassies (chapter 16) quest question

    I'd be happy if magic buildings count as 1 building of the current chapter max. My final plan (goal) includes 12 magic R, of which 10 are fully upgraded, and 4 magic WS. Waiting until the next chapter to pick and choose quests is an option, of course. You are referring to quest #32: Donate...
  5. Embassies (chapter 16) math?

    I love elvenarchitect and I never knew about that feature! Thanks
  6. Cultural bonus

    What the game wiki won't tell you is how that culture bonus is actually calculated: for level 1 (125% bonus), you need available culture = 20% (required culture + working pop) for level 2 (150% bonus), " = 40% " for level 3...
  7. Embassies (chapter 16) quest question

    Quest #44: have 10 residences at level 36 or higher. I have no non-magic residences. Magic residences only register as the chapter level they are in (which would be 16). Does this satisfy the quest requirement? Same question for magic workshops (quest #49)
  8. Embassies (chapter 16) math?

    Has anyone done the math? How many total settlement products of each are needed? I am trying to optimize progression thru Ch 16 (isn't everyone?) I want to avoid building settlement buildings to save space for FA. Once I have the portal, I could sit for a long time just making draft laws; they...
  9. how to count provinces

    OMG of course! I just needed to know total provinces completed. Its 510 for me. Thanks, I knew it was somewhere
  10. how to count provinces

    Okay, I figured out two ways to count provinces completed: 1) If you are in high enough chapter to have advanced trader, look up your seed production per day (24 x hourly rate shown). Divide the total by the level of your Main Hall. For me this is 722/h, or 17340/d. 17340 / 34 = 510...
  11. Fellowship info

    Don't hesitate to join a FS bc you think you don't have enough to offer at low level. You can always ask and if they don't think you can make their quotas (if they have any), or if they are not willing to help and teach you, they will just turn you down. Don't hesitate to leave a FS if you feel...
  12. how to count provinces

    Is there an easy way to count how many provinces I've completed? I'm in Ch. 15 so there are a lot and my eyes hurt trying to count. Is there a report somewhere? I am trying to figure out how many orcs I would get if I built heroes forge. I'm also unclear on this math. 120% of what? the number of...
  13. Mountain Halls and Time warp mechanics

    I re-did the math from ajqtrz. I appreciate how you laid out the logic- that helped a lot. I'll use actual numbers from my city. One T4 factory at level 27, production 3 hr, Timewarp at level 9 regular prodxn: 440 relic boost (700%): 3080 timewarp 9...
  14. Mountain Halls and Time warp mechanics

    Thanks! 100K in storage regularly? I wish! Not in this chapter. I got two different answers on whether MH boosts sentient goods. Maybe I will have to do the math myself. I'll repost here when I figure it out. I'm going to focus on Timewarp and see if I can squeeze in 1st level simia. Maybe I...
  15. Mountain Halls and Time warp mechanics

    I need a math whiz with great understanding of this game to give me advice. I'm in Ch 15 and have recently figured out I need far more sentient goods than I was set up for. I am increasing from {2 T4, 1 T5, 1 T6} to 2 of each. My Timewarp is at level 7. I don't have simia sapiens. Does Mountain...
  16. Is Elvenstats dead?

    Yes, just take a deep breath and realize...its free. One person with two small children is responsible for it. (And have you donated to their college funds yet?) FS update has been missing for two weeks and just came through in Ceravyn, but growth data is missing. Now when architect doesn't work...
  17. Good Luck! wants team players!

    We have 2 slots open for active, daily players that want team benefits. Planks/magic dust boosts preferred. Ch. 8+ (negotiable) Good Luck! stresses aggressive growth and cooperation for greater team rewards (without spending real $ on diamonds.) Our expectations* are: 1) Daily login...
  18. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I love the new set of buildings. They offer a fantastic blend of goods and units. I just got the last building yesterday. I am an aggressive player but won't use diamonds. I relied on the strategy of always going for highest chance for lucky draws. I do feel like it was too difficult to achieve...
  19. We Need Better Rewards

    Probably 2-3x for each 4 encounter level. Plus the huge amount of resources to bribe. I can only fight up to the first boss and then its all bribing. I usually quit at the second boss. I do manage somehow to keep a positive balance of diamonds and have only bought at deep discount twice. Yeah...
  20. fellowship chat censorship

    Try having the last name of Hardick. For real. People desperately try to pronounce it Hartwick or Hardwick or even Hartick. Its HARDICK! Damn glad to meet ya! often your emails get shunted straight to spam. And no, none of our children are named Harold, Anita, or Happy. But our neighbors...