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Search results

  1. Clusseau

    12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    "Feel free to Skip it" is my game-saving mantra. Goals are fun, (=vital) but sometimes Play is not. Feel free to turn it off, bag your tournament and go to bed early. Drop a questline when value of remaining prizes isn't enough for even the current quest. Leave your city, (and Upgrading), for a...
  2. Clusseau

    News City movement

    First to say- this has not affected me. I seem to have moved Once; which included many neighbors in their familiar positions. (Or, another neighborhood was moved, with many in THEIR familiar Positions) IT DOES sound like Newbies, (farther from Center) moving before you do.. now get to...
  3. Clusseau

    Lubrida Ventis stackable?

    I see! Thanks! Its not a factor in Lubridus Value... just another way to collect time Instants. (1.5hr/day?) No Doubt.. that would factor in many people's valuation of Time Instants... (and Thus), valuation of Lubridus. So.. it seems like a "Lubridus value Factor". I'm with you.. thx...
  4. Clusseau

    Lubrida Ventis stackable?

    Echoes of Forgotten? Nothing comes to mind.. .what IS that? Yet another factor in Lubrida Ventis value?
  5. Clusseau

    Lubrida Ventis stackable?

    Thanks Crackie! My head is sort of Exploding now.. to spend 1K... or 4K.. or 6K+ instants hours, when both are On.. .(OR)... wait for further events, when maybe we can get MORE to stack... (sheeze, it's Such a big Deal!!) *edit of course, its all game-relative... but, to spend 6K+ hr of...
  6. Clusseau

    Lubrida Ventis stackable?

    Many thanks!! Like many- Ive figured the number of Instant-hours i must spend to get Good Value from ONE. Knowing the number of hours required for a Second One ...(= zero)... is a very big deal. (thx!!) (Still.. wouldnt mind if a Mod tagged on here to confirm?! ...it just makes such a...
  7. Clusseau

    Lubrida Ventis stackable?

    Apologies if this is found elsewhere.. ive looked and cannot find. Lubrida Ventis value is Strongly Linked to whether it is stackable or not. Like most, im looking at value of spending 1500D for Royal Prizes- and odds of getting the "200 feathers Grand Prize" in current event. Being...
  8. Clusseau

    Libraries vs. Torch Fountains

    Each player is different, and things change. To sort this out, just make your best estimate of how often (=the amount) you'd collect from each building in a week. Then, divide by number of squares for each building. You'll then have mana per square, which is an easy comparison. In the...
  9. Clusseau

    Teleport AW?

    Hm. It seems simple though. If I built and boosted my way to a new L31 this week, it would sure as heck be counted! Alternatively, If it's NOT in my city - at some point hours ahead of Tournament calculation- what's so complicated? The only complication that comes to mind is if they want...
  10. Clusseau

    Teleport AW?

    Ive not found anything recent about Teleporting ancient wonders. Is this still an idea? It's one that I'd like to see. It may be that some curbs would be needed to prevent "teleport and replace", at start of tournaments or spire. Its also likely that simple scarcity of Teleports will...
  11. Clusseau

    Interesting Psychological Dilemma

    One view that doesnt seem explicit in replies so far; Perhaps the person against 3-star trades is simply a poor communicator? They mean to tell someone that offering such premiums is not necessary, and they are possibly frustrated that the person giving away their goods does not seem to...
  12. Clusseau

    Barracks with boosted brown bear, not applying boosted number

    After feeding two bears, The number of troops shown in my Que slots should increase by 100%. The que slots increased only 68%, and that was exactly the number added to Inventory, (per inventory check, not floating number). It doesnt seem to be simply a graphics problem. EDIT: After some...
  13. Clusseau

    Top 5 Ancient Wonders

    MAN.. which 5?? So much depends on how you want to Play!!! If i could Start with 5 x L31... might choose Needles/Fly/Vic spring... Simia... Sanctuary. If i need or want goods... space... score.... gotta throw in Dragon, Abyss...Shroom...(Sanctuary).... Best Advice, Just look at 1-2 rune...
  14. Clusseau

    High level chapters are literally TOO MUCH

    Yes.. Crazywizard's Stash is impressive.. but its not a Goal. its there to show problems can be solved. I have maybe more than 2x that number of PP.. but I still fuss a bit!?!. Its a Game... you see where you are.. see what you need... (=want).. and you play!
  15. Clusseau

    Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    OMG.. my first visit to this thread... too much to read. Soggy has suggestions that solve or Address the Problem.... ajqrtz objects to all of them.. samo samo... I have 12 or 16.. or whatever.. libraries. Looking ahead at Mana requirements, libraries and their sets will GROW in importance...
  16. Clusseau

    Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    Wow... ive been Away, for several weeks.. now catching up, and seeing very Little Catching Up to do?! INNO wants to make the Hill Less Steep- for beginners to become Champions... (Ok, Yes! that makes some sense, as the Years add Up)... Champions Still want to Benefit from progress.. at...
  17. Clusseau

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Right, number of provinces does not affect difficulty. That part refers to expectations. That is, my interpretation of Inno's expectations. Inno thinks 510 provinces is as high as people should be, which would average about 57 per week. They have gauged difficulty so regularly completing...
  18. Clusseau

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Ditto that- and- the statement doesnt even make sense!! If INNO were to wait until Relevant AW were maxed- Why Punish At ALL?? (=Punish, for Irrelevant Advancement??) There have been mentions (Conjecture!) of a couple of sweet spots- Where Selected Advancements are the most effective, and...
  19. Clusseau

    Factor tournament difficulty in Ranking Points Awarded

    This also seems to satisfy Inno's concern for newer players. It must be Daunting indeed to find you're spending 2-3 months in a chapter, and there are 17 of them! An imbalance to Tournament difficulty allows them (-Has Always Allowed them-) Easier access to reaping KP and Spells from...
  20. Clusseau

    Factor tournament difficulty in Ranking Points Awarded

    The insane (Upward) slope in tournament squad sizes is the primary Flaw of the new tournament. I've only seen inno refer to it as "difficulty". (as-in, a number established for each of us at the beginning of each tournament). Im in total agreement, but must note that not everyone is. My...