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Search results

  1. Just Started Orcs Chapter... VERY Angry

    You can nominate it for the "sit back and relax" award category. Also, of note the top reviews for this game are from people that have 30+ and 50+ and 165+ hours with this game. Perhaps it is a great game?
  2. Black Friday Gift from Inno 2021

    Exactly. I will be spending money on the Steam sale tomorrow.
  3. Black Friday Gift from Inno 2021

    Okay, I won't get my hopes up. I understand that games need to be funded, but I find the pricing that is used for this game to be ludicrously expensive for what you would actually get.
  4. Black Friday Gift from Inno 2021

    Are these sorts of deals usually for real money or gems? I would love a Witch Hut.
  5. Moving Day

    I understand that. That doesn't change the fact that I found the move to be weird. I don't think think it was done to hurt me. I will also say, that I can't really complain about the move. While my old neighborhood was pretty good, the new one is objectively a bit better in some ways. I...
  6. News City movement

    Initially, I was a little bummed about the move that my city took. My old neighborhood was okay, but I think my new neighborhood is actually a little more active. So being bummed about the move is no longer really true for me.
  7. Blossom mage vs Priest

    Yes, I know. I was disappointed that the Witch Hut didn't return for Halloween event. I ended up getting 10 of the Witch Summing artifacts, which I have not used, and I also am keeping my 2 tomes for the Witch Hut. I am hoping I can trade the Witch Summing artifacts for Witch Hut once the...
  8. Blossom mage vs Priest

    No, Witch Hut is before my time. I haven't been playing for that long.
  9. Blossom mage vs Priest

    I evolved a brown bear to get frogs. Amazing unit, but Brown Bear is the only way for me to get them until Halflings chapter.
  10. Mobile vs Browser: Why perks on mobile only?

    I use mobile for doing daily help and for getting my daily prize. Daily help is like 100% faster on Mobile. I use PC for doing everything else. Mobile is too hard to use for most stuff.
  11. Moving Day

    I was moved today. My old neighborhood was good. There were no empty spots. I had many active neighbors that traded and provided daily help. I just thought it was weird to be moved when there was nothing wrong with my old neighborhood.
  12. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    There are people here that have literally said this format was too hard. Some that said it was too easy. My point isn't that anyone that disagrees with me wants it easy. My points is that we don't all agree. I prefer things to be a bit more complicated. A little difficulty is fine with me...
  13. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I enjoyed this event. The actual mechanics were refreshingly fun. I also managed to get 281 points just managing to get the little blue cat. So there was that. As always I got 10 artifacts and finished in silver. I was closer to Gold then normal, but Gold is still unattainable without...
  14. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    You confirm my point. I love this event format. I wish this was the format for all the events. You apparently do not. We're different. How can the developers listen to us when we don't all agree on what we want them to do?
  15. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    The feedback is mixed. Some people like this event format. Some do not. Some people want the game to be easy, some would prefer something more interesting. It is literally impossible to make everyone happy.
  16. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I loved this event. For the first time ever there was actual strategy involved. It wasn't just luck. Now I can decide to only spend resources to get farther in League by ignoring the other prizes, or I can be content with doing a little of both and being in Silver. I am 2 points away from...
  17. Event Royal Pass Cost

    This is spot on. A blueprint is worth 300 gems. I would gladly spend the 1,500 gems on the Royal Prize if wasn't actually overpriced. I suppose if you have been playing for a long time and you have tons of gems, but 1,500 gems is still a lot to me and I would never waste it on 1 blueprint...
  18. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I don't even put out all the expansions as they don't really help you get more KP which is what stops you from advancing. It does depend on your playstyle, but I really don't think getting city expansions justifies the difference between Very Hard and Very Easy fights. Also, as far as I...
  19. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I did the same. For the first time ever I gave it a shot last night. I had just been saving my resources. As far as I can tell the most important thing is to only buy the largest pack since mathematically it provides the most item for currency. I did the math on it, and it is just the best...
  20. Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    No. I only have one city. I never played before. I am a newbie. I started playing this game this year. As I said this is only the fifth event I have ever been involved in. Did I read the wiki that the game provides? Yes. But I also always play tutorials and read game instructions. Go...