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Search results

  1. Lady Dastardly

    New round of Fellowship Adventures

    Can't answer all of those, but: idavis has a calculator here you can use to figure out how many dailies you can miss and still get all the prizes. It's a little fiddley to use, just make sure after you enter the daily and weekly info at the top, that you scroll down and check off the last...
  2. Lady Dastardly

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Personally, when I poach a player I like to use a nice court bouillon - some wine and a bouquet garni makes most players suitable for even the most discerning palate. Sometimes your FS is short on dessert. Then you can poach them in port like a lovely pear. So delicious!
  3. Lady Dastardly

    Did you know this about expiring production building?

    Yes, @Katwick is referring to the "Hide Buildings" function which is only available to mobile app players. It's very useful and I would dearly love for it to come to the browser version.
  4. Lady Dastardly

    Spell Fragments in the Spire

    3000 frags from High Halls boss & 4000 from Lab boss
  5. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    You can use 2 Heart of Asims and get max link bonuses on all bldgs. It's not the easiest shape to work with, but I'm using it this way in my Beta city: The two 3x3 bldgs are the Heart of Asims.
  6. Lady Dastardly

    Spell Fragments in the Spire

    Zoof's chart is still correct for the current spire.
  7. Lady Dastardly

    Spell Fragments in the Spire

    As someone limited to 1 moonstone library, I'm happy to see more spell frags, even in a boss chest. What I'm less keen on are the other possible changes:
  8. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    This is exactly the problem. This event was 3 days/3 quests shorter than most of the other events. They are usually 22 days/75 quests, with the exception of the longer winter event. Unfortunately they didn't increase the quest rewards enough to make up the difference. It's a shame because this...
  9. Lady Dastardly

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Ants are very good at finding secret stashes...
  10. Lady Dastardly

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Karvest's sheet from Beta has the updated waypoints here. Click on the spoiler in his post to see the sheet.
  11. Lady Dastardly

    Updated Excavation Event info

    The event scrolls here have an assortment of links to info for the current event. Quest 72 is the final quest in the event. The Gift of Ashni is available at milestone 260 on the grand prize path. The set has the standard kind of link bonuses as all the other sets. They do need to be...
  12. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    It varies. My two Ch. 16 cities have differing amounts of research completed: one has 12 diplomas, the other has 13. The one with 13 gets more witch points for lower cost than the one with 12.
  13. Lady Dastardly

    Help Workaround a Quest

    I suspect the problem is that you're thinking about it like the event quests where you have to upgrade X number of buildings and it's the act of upgrading that is being counted for quest fulfillment. This quest is asking you to have 4 workshops (or 2 magic) that are level 42 (or Ch. 19 for the...
  14. Lady Dastardly

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Um, yeah. Because if they are happy, they will stay. If they are getting all the rewards they want, they will stay. Honestly, most players will even stay in dying fellowships if there are 2 or 3 other active members in it out of a sense of loyalty. In several FS's I've been in, these kinds of...
  15. Lady Dastardly

    bad link?

    It's because it's a sale on Magic Residences and Workshops which is activated from the Build menu, and not the regular shop.
  16. Lady Dastardly

    Neighbourly Help (NH) chests??

    If you looked at the wiki, that's probably why you're confused. It still refers to an older version of neighborly help that made you hunt around your city to find an actual chest to open, but that mechanic hasn't existed for a very long time. Now, as you're giving help you will just get a pop up...
  17. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    These are the 2 sites I consulted for the Beta values: https://cavalieridellozombiaco.blogspot.com/p/i-grandi-scavi-missioni.html https://tinyurl.com/mu7wx8un Unless they are both incorrect, there is an increase in currency for some quests. Quest Beta Live 29 50 51 30 50 51 31 50 51...
  18. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    My comment was not intended to speculate about what Gold league might be on live, but to give context for how successful or not my pack strategy was comparatively on Beta. There do seem to be some changes (i.e. increases) from the Beta version so far in the amount of currency being given for...
  19. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    I went with a ratio of two or three 80 packs for every one 180. That gave me the best mix of tools for my preferred strategy. I got to 241 on Beta, which doesn't sound great, but put me in Silver league. Gold league cut off was short of 260, so I guess that was a reasonably good result.
  20. Lady Dastardly

    Discussion The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    I've encountered that on rare occasions, where you need to use a vacuum vial (or whatever that event is calling it) to get past it. I wouldn't even say it's every event, but I did get it once in this event on Beta, and I know I did in a Halloween one as well. Even so, for players who've never...