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Search results

  1. Martial Monastery made me cry....

    So, upgrade it
  2. Events

    You have a break. Do not play them all. I basically skipped the last one. I did the quests and finished them. Nothing more. The prizes were not worth it. The next one that is on Beta is the same for me. No big deal.
  3. Help Cauldron Question

    Go into your residence, ws and hover over the icon (gold, supplies) It shows potion effect boost. If it is not there then something went wrong while brewing
  4. Spire

    I am right with you. I never cater and the PP's come in handy for the higher chapters. I put out my 5 day buildings on Tuesday and they last me the tournament and the spire. There are rewards that I get and do not need and I hope Inno allows us to craft them into something better but until then...
  5. Inno Forces Cauldron

    Oh stop it. Some people would rather complain about a new addition to help their game, rather then unlocking it and seeing how it helps.
  6. Inno Forces Cauldron

    I agree with you. Yes we need to learn how to use the Cauldron to maximize it's effects but it is no big deal. The event and Seasons are no brainers so I do not understand why so many players are upset about it, other then they are looking for another easy addition and do not want to take the...
  7. They've ruined the tournament

    I agree. Lol
  8. Fixed unit buf's on the browser

    I know, I know but I had to throw it out there
  9. Fixed unit buf's on the browser

    I do not agree with that. I am losing more troops now then before
  10. Fixed unit buf's on the browser

    I put a ticket in last week and was told that it is just a visual problem. I disagreed and now I see that I am right. Inno owes us troops and a fix to this problem
  11. Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    I found the same thing and have ignored too. I will not be opening this up in my live city
  12. New Game Features Ancient Wonder Skins

    I would rather see after finishing each ruin level your AW change in appearance. Nothing flashy just a new look
  13. What's the deal with the lack of Scroll players in the game?

    There is the bigger issue. AW hits. Even though each upgrade only adds a minimal amount, our FS has the numbers somewhere it does add up, slowly. Since you only fight then goods are not an issue, but they will. When you reach the S goods you will need more T1-3 in order to make the S1-3. Looking...
  14. What's the deal with the lack of Scroll players in the game?

    I am boosted in scrolls and have never thought about quitting. I had the Moonstone set for a while but got rid of it. Newer players need to understand that this game evolves as the players move up. If you do not have enough T3 goods then build more. Once you get into S1-3 goods your needs will...
  15. Too many provinces to clear for Expansions

    Lol. The game is not meant to be easy. Wait until you need 40 provinces and 5 plus days to scout 1. I have always enjoyed the challenge and have made many mistakes in the 6 1/2 years that I have been playing. As others have said. Get to the top of the Spire. You can win Magic residences and ws...
  16. How do you deal with a no-help request? (And how People Negatively Interact on Forums)

    I have 1 like that and I ignore them. I go through my notifications daily and help everyone. Since they will not be on there then they get nothing. But if for an event I need to give help I pick the closest cities. It is for me at this point and not them
  17. What do you want in your Christmas Stocking

    It is going on now
  18. What do you want in your Christmas Stocking

    Number 1 would be nice. I agree with the winter event. Need to change things up
  19. Will get through Chapter 16 or break trying.

    I am almost done with 16 and it has been a grind. But I am not in any hurry so it does not matter. Once I open 17 I will be working on upgrading the techs that I do not have time for and working on my AW's. After 6 years I am happy with my progress and could care less how long it takes. I find...
  20. Will get through Chapter 16 or break trying.

    I need about 2500 to finish and that is not counting the optional techs. Expansion 49 will wait until I get into 17 and the AW's I have no need for. I like what you did. It will help