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  1. Shanubi

    Join us

  2. Shanubi

    Luckyland recruiting

    Ideal Candidate Would have a score around 103103 and would have one or more of the following boosts: planks, elixir We average 7.8 chests per week and would love to reach 10 weekly or monthly. We have a solid core of 15+ active players, a few newbs, and a few that have gone quiet. We’re very...
  3. Shanubi

    Spell Fragments

  4. Shanubi

    Spell Fragments

    Please give spell fragments a purpose. There is no balance between them and catalysts, either in how often they’re acquired or how often they can be spent. Make them worth something, or make more MA offerings cost spell fragments instead of catalysts. I have several hundred thousand SF’s, and...
  5. Shanubi

    'New Fellowship Adventures feedback

    I’ve played the first 2 levels (to the frog) of the spire and earned zero Catalysts! Several hundred thousand spell fragments, zero Catalysts. A badge relying heavily on chance is fine by the dozen, not by the 100’s
  6. Shanubi

    FA Quest's

    Please consider placing ALL quest icons on the left side of the screen, instead of 2 at a time? I understand that timing is part of the challenge, but the current system is not challenging, it's tedious. We should be able to collect towards more than 2 badges/etc at a time; Ex, I shouldn't...
  7. Shanubi

    Fellowship Adventures

    Back to revise my earlier statements. After looking more closely at the various routes and stages, it’s clear to me that this FA is intended for more advanced fellowships. I appreciate that Orcs are required on only one path, but the goods requirements are on all paths, unavoidable, and beyond...
  8. Shanubi

    Switching Routes at Weigh-point's?

    I've heard this referred to as a strategic option, but I'd like to hear from anyone who's done it. It seems as though we'd have to complete 2 weigh points to switch paths...and that doesn't add up to an advantage
  9. Shanubi

    Fellowship Adventures

    True Tedious, sometimes I like the windfalls, the supplies anyway. I'm always maxed on coinage... and Dwarves tech has progressed so slowly that I have nothing left to spend KP on. I've upgraded AW's, shared with others, bought goods I don't really need just so I can collect my coins. I've...
  10. Shanubi

    Fellowship Adventures

    Soggy, there are some significant differences between the tournaments and FA's. In the Tournaments, everyone that participates gets some cool prizes, while more advanced groups spend more and earn more. They also require zero team coordination. FA's require a fully coordinated effort, between...
  11. Shanubi

    Fellowship Adventures

    I suppose I'm being picky. When I was a newb, and before the FA's were a thing, I earned several prizes during events worth thousands in population and/or culture. 700ish pop/cult, 48/41 per square, doesn't seem worth the effort or expense. Also, I just don't care for the instants...I only ever...
  12. Shanubi

    Fellowship Adventures

    idk. > I haven't gone back to look at exact numbers, but there seemed to be way more badges required in the last FA. Though I did notice and appreciate that there were less Brewers and Treants, the final round required hundreds (combined) of 1-2 day badges. > The prizes are terrible...they've...
  13. Shanubi

    Fellowship Adventures

    Inno, could you please stop sucking the fun out of Elvenar? Fellowship Adventures should be fun, challenging, team building exercises with incentivizing prizes that encourage people to work together to reach them. Instead FA's have become ridiculously complicated and expensive, and the prizes...
  14. Shanubi

    Fellowship Events Terrible Prizes !!

    Inno's at it again. The last FA was bad but we gave it a shot anyway. This latest FA is so awful no one even seems the slightest bit interested. Its a shame b/c the team building quest driven events are one of the things I really liked about this game. Would love to know what the developers are...
  15. Shanubi


    If the chest rewards were better I might look past how unfair the setup is, but the prizes are weak. Put in an insane amount of effort, coordinate with strangers in multiple timezones who all play at different paces, build workshops and lvl 1 goods bldgs you don't want or need...all for less...
  16. Shanubi


    Maybe this would be best as 2 posts, but I feel like they're related. 1) There really aught to be Brackets based on fellowships ranking score. Winners of each bracket should be awarded the top prizes. It's hardly fair to have fellowships in the 10k range competing against fellowships with...
  17. Shanubi

    Fellowship Events Terrible Prizes !!

    I remember thinking the Mana Hut was a great prize the first time around, and the Orcs Nest, but now they seem like duds. The culture and supply value per square is laughable. Extra weird, the Orcs Nest (prize 2) is worth more than the Mana Hut (prize 3), by quite a lot.
  18. Shanubi

    wrong info showing in pop-up box

    Not sure how else to sum it up. Latest example illustrated in the screen shot: here I'm checking the status of a level 10 Marble Manufactory, only the box says Level 12 producing 19 Golems. Huh. Even my Barracks aren't a level 12...I actually don't have anything currently at level 12. What...
  19. Shanubi

    Cancelling a Trade offer Satisfies Event requirements to gain goods

    they seem to have "fixed" this :( Was still working a few days ago and now it's not.
  20. Shanubi

    Rune Shards

    Let us trade Runes Shards! I have amassed a ridiculous amount of extra rune shards for AW's that I haven't built yet. I'd like to be able to trade them with other players, for other shards or goods, OR trade them in for shards I actually need/want.