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Search results

  1. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Also, can anyone tell us if bear artifacts are showing up in the MA?
  2. Mana plant will not upgrade

    Same happening to me. Will put in ticket also.
  3. Did not receive troops from package

    I have contacted them. I received no troops at all, not the ones for the wrong race. If it would be helpful, I can attach copies of the purchase confirmation emails.
  4. Did not receive troops from package

    I did buy them separately in each city, and received confirmations in each city. I only got troops in one. Support has responded, so I’m hopeful they will get to resolved.
  5. Did not receive troops from package

    Although I got a confirmation message from INNO, the troops did not appear in my army camp in Arendyll, although they did appear in other world. Anyone else experience this?
  6. not getting storyline quests

    I am having exactly this problem. Support suggested that I keep declining quests to see if that would trigger the storyline. 200+ declines later, still nothing. Now, I’ve finished the research tree for the fairy chapter as well as the research technology for the orcs chapter. Still no story...