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Search results

  1. No sentient goods for orcs from Witches Hut?

    Thanks Soggy. I should've mentioned I play on the app, so I don't get those Help info's.
  2. No sentient goods for orcs from Witches Hut?

    I just noticed that my Witches Hut gives me orcs, but I'm not getting any sentient goods from my Pyramid of Purification. Is it this this way for everyone, or is there a fix available?
  3. Elvenar chapter, Ideas and Workforce required?

    Are the extra Ideas and Workforce needed for upgrades to the Academies?
  4. Elvenar chapter, Ideas and Workforce required?

    In the Elvenar Guest Race Guide at Elvengems, in one place it says 135k each of Ideas and Workforce are required. In another place, it says 260k each are required. I've produced the 135k each (needed for the three buildings), but I can't see where the additional 125k are used. Is this a typo...
  5. A Place That Grew

    Level 15 FS, soon to be Level 16.
  6. A Place That Grew

    Level 14 FS, soon to be Level 15
  7. A Place That Grew

    One opening at this time.
  8. A Place That Grew

    We are a friendly and active group and we've worked our way up to being a 10 chest tournament team so are enjoying RRs and a blueprint weekly. We are looking for players who will participate in all group events especially tournaments which we take pretty seriously because the team feels the...
  9. Pyramid of Purification...any good?

    I have 350k orcs saved up, and 5 orc nests. Do the saved up orcs work with PoP? Or only new production?
  10. Pyramid of Purification...any good?

    Regarding the orcs, I meant are they consumed? For example, if I put in 1000 orcs, do I get 1000 of a sentient good?
  11. Pyramid of Purification...any good?

    I'll fill the rune shards for the PoP before long. I like the idea of increasing sentient goods production... I'm in Constructs, and struggling to make enough. Is the PoP any good? How does it work? Where do the orcs come in? Does the Sentient Boost only work when pet food is used?
  12. Orcs in negotiations for worlds in scouting

    The importance of not overscouting cannot be overstated. I speak from bitter experience, and now follow the same practice Darielle describes.
  13. AW that speeds up Training Ground?

    I placed the VS AW and already upgraded it once.
  14. AW that speeds up Training Ground?

    Ah, good, I need two rune shard fragments and then I can place that one.
  15. AW that speeds up Training Ground?

    Is there an AW that speeds up the Training Ground? I have the AWs that speed up the Barracks and the Merc Center, and they produce much faster than my TG, which has become painfully slow by comparison.
  16. Twilight Phoenix event rewards...did I miss something?

    Darielle, first Bronze finish for me too. I couldn't hold Silver at the end. That surprised me, in previous events the Silver league slowed down the last several days and I was gaining on Good.
  17. Twilight Phoenix event rewards...did I miss something?

    I finished the event in the Bronze League, and I received 3 prizes. I thought there was supposed to be an artifact as well, but I didn't get one. I put in a ticket to Support, but they said there was no artifact prize. I could've sworn the in-game prize list showed an artifact prize for...
  18. Managing AWKP swap threads...when to restart?

    I didn't think about platform issues when I posted. I play exclusively on the mobile app, I think others in my FS play only on the PC (browser). The threads always load at the same speed for me. Thanks for mentioning it, I'll discuss with my FS. I guess we need someone who's always on the PC...
  19. Managing AWKP swap threads...when to restart?

    My FS has several swap threads, they've been very popular. The member who was managing them has left the FS. She used to start a new thread at the first of the month, sometimes sooner. Is there a limit to the number of messages in a thread? How do you know when you hit it? TIA for any...
  20. QoL improvements for Notifications tab

    Helya, I see that the Notifications list has been greatly lengthened, presumably due to the increased time to return help from the Advanced Help perk. Scrolling to the bottom of the list and then back up is a real chore now. Has there been any word on whether the improvements I suggested are...