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Search results

  1. Fixed I get an error each time I try to expel a member from the Fellowship or try to change their rank.

    My archmage is now having the same issue. We're on Khel. He's tried to make me a mage, and some of his mages have also tried to change my status to mage, and they are all getting the error messages. They've reported the issue. I hope it's fixed before the start of the FA. We were trying to merge...
  2. Steel, Scrolls, Magic Dust boosted, experienced, active daily player.

    I'd like to find a good fellowship of mature players. 10th chest in tourneys prefered. My city here is younger, but I'm not new to the game. I play daily on several worlds. Message me and let's talk about it and see if I'd be a good fit.
  3. delete

    Just realized my mistake. Please delete the thread. thanks
  4. The Brethren seeking active but laid back players.

    I'm just starting the Dwarves chapter on Felyndral. My boosts are Steel, Scrolls and Magic Dust. I play daily and visit map and fellowship members daily. I'm seeking an easy going fellowship without pressure. I do spire and tournaments but don't want to be pushed to deplete troops and goods...
  5. Complete Spire boss contest final vote

    #4 #1 #2
  6. Discussion Spire Boss naming contest discussion

    I wish I had known about this sooner. My 3 names would be : Coppertop, Lead Bottom, And Steel Toes. Or Loose Wire, Hammer Toe, Arm Wrench, Or, Oil Leak, Rusty Bucket, Loose Screw.
  7. Voting Spire Boss name contest voting

    30 30 30
  8. Fire Phoenix

    I only have 1st level phoenix. I don't know about other levels. But someone else mentioned that the guy is gone entirely on levels 9/10. UM, I'm talking about the red robed guy that's pumping the bellows on the Fire Phoenix. He has nothing to do with Orcs or Goblins, as far as I know. And I...
  9. Fire Phoenix

    Let me start by saying that I love the time and effort that you've put into the beautiful backgrounds and other working parts of the game. I really enjoy it daily and like watching the different workings of all the factories and buildings! But there's one thing that really bothers me. It's the...
  10. Winds of Summer is recruiting

    I'd like to join if you have a spot available. Daily player, visit FS and map daily. Boosted goods are Planks, Scrolls and Magic Dust. I always offer fair 2 star trades. Currently working on chapter IV. This is my 3rd and smallest city. I concentrate on building and the Knowledge, but also do...
  11. seeking a fellowship

    daily player with small cities. seeking good easy going fellowships. Arendyll is my 3rd and smallest city. boosted goods are Planks, Scrolls and Magic Dust. Fair trades always and I visit all FS and Map cities daily. currently on chapter IV. Felyndral is my 2nd city, also on chapter IV. Boosts...
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    Thanks for the clarification.
  13. Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    I need clarification on strategy for the current FA. Does a fellowship get higher rank by completing more waypoints before claiming the flags or are those extra completed waypoints dumped after the final flag is collected? The way I read the directions, you choose a path, complete it and the...