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Search results

  1. LizAdelle

    Troop Production Minimized!!

    Thanks, Iyapo1 - you're a genius! Brought back 1 Armory... Brought back 2nd Armory.. .
  2. LizAdelle

    Troop Production Minimized!!

    Yes...is that it? If so, I 'll bring at least 1 of them back!
  3. LizAdelle

    Troop Production Minimized!!

    Same thing in Mozilla Firefox browser...even after shutting down & restarting computer. Guess I'm not meant to fight...lol!
  4. LizAdelle

    Troop Production Minimized!!

    HELP!!! All 3 of my military production buildings are stuck in some miniaturization phase - producing only a few troop units in seconds (see example below) I have plenty of supplies so it's not a supply issue. Started yesterday midday, but has continued into today. Have restarted Elvenar to no...
  5. LizAdelle

    Come have fun and earn rewards with a 10 chests and Gold Spire Fellowship!

    I joined MMM a year ago (happy anniversary to me...2020-02-10) when my then current FS was falling apart due to the AM leaving to take care of RL. I can't believe it's been a year already! This is such a great FS. Good folks, helpful beyond belief - maybe the way RL should be. Anyway, I have had...
  6. LizAdelle

    Closed | Archived Incorrect # of AW KPs shown when helping Fellows' AWs

    Game version: __ v1.106.2-(43f54eb) (2020-06-11 09:35) Game world: __Arendyll Browser + version: __Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit) Flash Player version: __using HTML5 Client instead Operating System: __Windows 10 version 2004 Screen resolution: __1680x1050 (recommended) Account name: __LizAdelle Humans...
  7. LizAdelle

    Tournament Notifications

    I did the same - log out/log back in - but I DID get the same annoying popup. I closed original browser (Chrome) & opened Firefox. Logged in - same popup problem. This was on US1 server. Tried other world (US5 server) - same issue.
  8. LizAdelle

    Tournament Notifications

    Thank you, DiamondBack13. I thought maybe it was just me. It seems to be based on clicking on...anything! Not a specific time - I've let mine sit for a few minutes after dismissing the popup, and it stays gone...until I click on something else. Very annoying.
  9. LizAdelle

    Closed | Archived Trader has no trades

    Just read the release notes for 1.97....lol - shoulda done that first! My .02 worth - it's only a fair trade if both parties think it is! And the 4:1 was a lot easier to figure than a 1.5:1
  10. LizAdelle

    Closed | Archived Trader has no trades

    Same here. Tough to accept trades for the challenge when there are none. :-( Also trade values are all screwed up. Cross-tier trades are not coming up in 4:1 ratios or 16:1 like they used to. Wassup?
  11. LizAdelle

    [16560] Chat box not working?

    When chat box DOES work (like currently), the /who and /w function does not work. :-(
  12. LizAdelle

    Suggestion: FS Adventures

    It would be extremely helpful if the display of our Adventure Items included the FS counts as well. After the # shown for the individual player, place a forward slash followed by the count o that item for the FS. For example: instead of just Golden Bracelet: 2 it would...
  13. LizAdelle

    A Charming Tree

    Apparently with the "upgrade" of the Inventory area from "Spells" & "Buildings" to "Enchantments" & "Summonings" something got lost. I completed the Quest in 2 of my worlds (in one I am in Ch 5, in the other Ch 6). The little number "1" showed there was something in "Summonings" - I assumed it...
  14. LizAdelle

    3 level zoom out

    Ctrl and either the plus (+) or minus (-) key zooms also...
  15. LizAdelle

    Trader Goods Purchase did not complete

    In Elvenar 4 - Khelonaar (Khelanaire is my city), I purchased 500 Marble from the wholesale Trader. It took my coins (200K) but did not credit me the goods. Not happy since I'm now without the coins AND the goods I needed. I'd appreciate either one - the 200K coins back or the 500 Marble...