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Search results

  1. 'New Fellowship Adventures feedback

    I think if a FA were asking for 500 hours of brewers with 5 workshops (that is, 500 hours/50 minutes = 600 brewers) many FS would stop the FAs. Who wants to spend 20 hours over a week making 5 minutes cycles ?
  2. News from Beta - Archived

    I think it's what we used to get in previous winter events.
  3. Discussion Tournament Changes

    Voluntarily because of tournament penalty or by accident ? Bonus damage to LR + boost barracks production seems like a good wonder. Or did you want to get rid of the last not-so-good levels and are rebuilding it to level 30 ?
  4. spire of eternity

    The only case when Spire can appear twice in the same week is if you reach chapter 3 between Monday and Friday, which triggers Spire spawnjg, and then disappearing and respawning on Sunday.
  5. An Open Letter to the developers of Elvenar:

    I just wonder who will buy their expansions at 10k+ :diamond: if they get rid of the long-time players.
  6. Battling in the android app

    I think it does. And yes, it's unfair. I think the fight is actually simulated step by step on an actual battleground withnbstacles. I came to this conclusion after noticing a corremation between the time taken to determine the result of the fight and the result itself (easy wins generally takes...
  7. Which buildings should I destroy?

    Ranking points provided by a building which isn't an ancient wonder is population needed + culture needed. Also, as some wonders give population based on active population, you get back some population from these wonders as you use it, so that you actually need a bit less population than needed...
  8. Unicorn Racing

    Elvenarchitect has a full list of buildings where you can search specific names.
  9. Mystery of the Misty Forest Event discussion thread

    I think number of squares you turn from shadowed to foggy matters more than thevnumber of squares you clear.
  10. Mystery of the Misty Forest Event discussion thread

    Dislike this one... too dependent on what's on the trader when you get this quest. This would be impossible for a new player that isn't in a FS and can't take a trade larger than 500/500.
  11. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    (Data from last week) SS now 3620 with 1 more AW level. With 9 more techs, 2 more AW levels and 6 more non-premium expansions SS is now 1348.
  12. ORCS

    Now you can use Portal Profits (they didn't exist back then) to make this chapter easier.
  13. brown bear

    As it's now costing 300 SF and 2 CC for 9 VV, whilethe usual VV given for ths cost is 5, I can imagine people crafting it.
  14. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    With 1 more AW level, SS 3613 10 more techs (so 3 chapter 13 techs done, but still this not done semi-mandatory tech in chapter 6, so M=292), and 2 more AW levels (now 66), SS is now 1203. 1 more AW level increased SS to 6962. 5 more techs (M=327 now), and 2 extra non-premium expansions, SS...
  15. Main Hall

    Upgrading Main Hall improves coins and supplies production from instants, neighbourly help and wonders, so I think it's a good investment.
  16. Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread

    Actually it's 3, 10 and 15 for 2, 6 and 8 shards.
  17. Benefits of magic residence/workshop over regular?

    Magic buildings will probably soon have a great advantage over premium expansions : they will save space without penalizing your tournaments :cool:
  18. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    Now 205 AW levels and SS 3606 (decreased because of the last techs that switched to optional.) 5 more techs and SS is now 1144. With 4 more AW levels (517 total) SS is 6954. 1645 now with 4 more techs. 1682 now with 2 more techs.
  19. polar bear evolution glitch?

    Do you have a culture bonus active ? I think the coin production is affected by culture bonus, but the stats displayed for the various levels don't take it into account.
  20. Cross-tier trades

    In my opinion, the moment one is most likely to need cross-tier trading is while upgrading manufactories, because they don't produce while upgrading + it can cost quite a lot of goods of the same tier to upgrade (up to lvl 27), especially T1 as the costs were chosen back when the devs were...