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  1. blackbudahfly

    log in usa

    I am in on Beta, Elycsandir and Arendyll. But Sinya Arda, isn't letting me in. All are Chapter 14 or higher
  2. blackbudahfly

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    I definitely am NOT an INNO fan. I do not appreciate their lack of care for their customer base. However I do see the business model side. They are celebrating success, while we cry out in despair and disgust. My point is that action not words will be the only way we can get them to change...
  3. blackbudahfly

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    I think their plan was ingenious, this event accomplished many goals for them: 1.) Get many players to play the event. This boosts player activity numbers which helps make INNO $$. 2.) Limit the number of smaller prizes we get. So we use our smaller prizes and past prizes over the course of...
  4. blackbudahfly

    KP messaging threads suggestion - make it work just like in Forge Of Empires

    Love this idea, I would definitely participate more in these types of threads if there were accountability like this
  5. blackbudahfly

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    Someone on the BETA Forums was saying something similar to this. On Beta, a week ago, I tested the theory and this was true for me as well. My suggestion to those trying this, click the 1st time it hits the top brick, as it speeds up after that and it will be hard to click to get the top brick...
  6. blackbudahfly

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    Well my favorite part of past events was picking and choosing which chests to go for, based on what items I need for my cities. They are all different levels and have different needs. That is gone now. So my interest in this event is gone too. The chance for the daily prize is just too low...
  7. blackbudahfly

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Thank you! Went to post on the forums today, and got the ugly missing pic thing.
  8. blackbudahfly

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    I would love a new signature! My name is a play on black butterflies...supposed to be rare, like me. So anything with a black butterfly(flies) with blue and purple in/around it. Sparkly..or girly maybe?
  9. blackbudahfly

    Fellowship Adventures - Success or Fail?

    EPIC FAIL! Of the 3 live servers I played on, only 1 had no issues requiring tickets to be submitted. Our FS on Sinya Arda did not even get to start the FA until we had only 20 hours left due to a glitch that caused our browser to reload if we tried to access the map and not having any badge...
  10. blackbudahfly

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    I LOVE it!! :D:D Kinda torn between the avatars..love both the first and last ones :D
  11. blackbudahfly

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Hi Sir Squirrel, I am a major fan of your artwork, and would be super grateful if you could put together a little something for me. I love shimmerfly's avatar, sammidodamage's and hetima's signatures. I love mystical fairy and butterfly type stuff. I want it to play on my name blackbudahfly, (a...
  12. blackbudahfly

    Join us in our Fellowship Adventures!

    Well they just said the FA on live servers will start on Thursday...this is unfortunate as the FS's on the live servers will have more difficulty than beta did getting the spell related badges. With the tournament going I was able to collect at least 3 spell related badges nearly every day...
  13. blackbudahfly

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!!

    I play as blackbudahfly on Elycsandir, Arendyll and Sinya Arda. I like Elvenar because it is continually changing and improving. I look forward to logging into see what new things are happening. This includes events, but all the every day things too. Like when I upgrade a building and get a new...
  14. blackbudahfly

    Feedback: March of the Herds Event

    I am a long time player, with several cities: Elycsandir - Sorcerers and Dragons Arendyll - Faeries Sinya Arda - Chapter 4 Beta - Dwarves I did NOT finish this Event in any of my cities, and I tried as I generally participate heavily in every event. Many of the quests I loved, they seemed more...
  15. blackbudahfly

    [16968] Aspirant application still there after joining another fellowhip

    This is happening in my FS on US Elcysandir. Except the person actually joined our FS. I have helped them and it lists them in our members, but they are also listed as aspiring and have a decline or accept button. When I hit the accept button, the pop up says they are in a FS already.
  16. blackbudahfly

    [16968] Fellowship joins and removals not showing in notifications window

    This is happening for our FS on US Elcysandir as well. We have removed a person and had a person join in the last 48 hours and no notifications.