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  1. One Word Reply Game

  2. Come Play With Me ~ Two Words

    team work
  3. Evolving buildings

    Just wondering if there is a thread or maybe a scroll that just covers evolving buildings? I'm thinking of one that shows what each one produces at each evolution stage for each chapter. I have a fully evolved chromafrost glacier from the woodelves chapter that gives mana and looking to see if...
  4. Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I like doing events because they add something new to do in the game and I do like the way the boardplay is set up this time, but...I really wish they would get more creative with their quests, espescially at the locked stage...solve encounters/ collect coins/ produce supplies and repeat, ugh. I...
  5. Get Well Soon Helya

    Get well soon Helya :)
  6. One Word Reply Game

  7. One Word Reply Game

  8. Elven Architect

    make sure you use the "show" setting to show which buildings need roads, very helpful
  9. Notepad

    Instead of having to open a separate app it would be nice if we had a personal notepad (that saved) within the game to keep track of ideas and to dos. Something you could open and close .
  10. What is an AW KP dump?

    All I know is that an AW KP dump is when you agree to trade a large amount of knowledge points with someone on Ancient Wonders of your choices. No idea why high level AWs would be detrimental but I bet someone here will help us :)
  11. Help Looking for Advice to Get Easy Provinces Again

    yes, keep doing events, there is always something useful to be found. I also learned the hard way about over scouting in my first few Chapters. I am now at the end of Chapter V and had 80/100 provinces scouted when I finished the tech tree. I scouted the next 20 (well 24 actually) afterwards for...
  12. Blueprints

    when do you use BPs versus RRs? (If this is already in a forum someplace kindly point me there as I couldn't find anything) Ty
  13. Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    test, ty @Sir Squirrel
  14. Help Vision Vapor

    We need a "things people assume everyone knows" thread :) Us newbies keep making "discoveries" lol. I know lots of these things are in the forum or Wiki but it's kind of one of those "you don't know what you don't know" things :)
  15. Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I really don't know to be honest, how do you know if you are on the new or old? Started in February I think
  16. Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    haha I thought you were coming to growl me not to be using up instants
  17. Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I'm only at the end of Chapter V but have never used any of my coin instants until now or disenchanted any...they are coming in handy now. I buy a few KPs, use about 3 15% rains and get a sack. Then use the KPs in our AW threads and end up with chests. I think my chapter/ situation just lucked...
  18. Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    lol I bug you enough in game, thought I'd give you a break in the forum :D
  19. Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    11ar is an awesome game!!