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Search results

  1. Iamaita

    Complete September contest - 1 week only!

  2. Iamaita

    Ideal Trading Partners

    Thanks, @ed1960
  3. Iamaita

    Complete Spire boss contest final vote

    4 2 3
  4. Iamaita

    Voting Spire Boss name contest voting

  5. Iamaita

    Marble No Longer Needed?

    Trade fairies. :)
  6. Iamaita

    Beginning Chapters

    I started a new baby city on 2/13. It’s been fun to see the game from an early chapter perspective again. And it’s been helpful in giving advice to some of the baby cities in the fellowship I arch. I am a few kp away from unlocking chapter 3. I’m refusing to spend a single diamond in this...
  7. Iamaita

    Valentine Day Exclusive Offer

    Same here
  8. Iamaita

    Valentine Day Exclusive Offer

    Well that is really lame.
  9. Iamaita

    Valentine Day Exclusive Offer

    My offer says 9/9 artifacts for 1360 diamonds. I think that’s the best price point I’ve seen on artifacts.
  10. Iamaita

    phoenix and bears

    no, I don’t think so. I just saw the beta post and disenchanted mine from ch 5 so I can craft a new one. There is also a coldfire Phoenix. Divided by artifact: The fire, storm and aureate use Phoenix artifacts. Ashen Phoenix has its own. Coldfire has its own. The brown, polar and panda bears...
  11. Iamaita

    What are the names of the floor bosses in the spire?

    I really thought there was a story section in the wiki. But it’s gone?
  12. Iamaita

    What are the names of the floor bosses in the spire?

    They are Mushroom Head, King Frog and Golemmy according to my four year old. It would be nice to have actual names for them. Aren’t a lot of the people in the negotiating encounters are the same characters that give story quests throughout the game? Their names should be somewhere, right? I...
  13. Iamaita


    So funny. Thank you all for sharing your humor. I’m really late to this party, but if the phoenixes are still hungry… I brought cake.
  14. Iamaita

    Solving Spire Encounters

    My spire approach is to save time as well. Just fight it. :) This is easier in my ch 13 and 15 cities than in my ch 8 and 9 cities. In the 8/9 cities I mostly have to cater spire. When I cater, I’m happy to spend coins and supplies instead of goods. Coins and supplies can be replaced...
  15. Iamaita

    Discussion Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    Are you sure about this? Because I was told Here that sorceries building levels are locked in at the chapter when you received them.
  16. Iamaita

    Excess Ruin Shards

    I have two witch hut bases from the 2020 misty forest, one fully evolved and one at stage 4. I won two summoning circle bases and 14 artifacts in the 2021 misty forest. I was hoping for an artifact conversion craft, but I never saw one. I was able to get 2 witch hut artifacts from the FA...
  17. Iamaita

    Leagues, 2022 Forbidden Ruins

    World Event Ends Iron Bronze Silver Gold Beta 5m/ended 143 235 266 303 Arendyll 5d 5h 50 147 217 290 Winyandor 6d 11h 50 140 210 279 Felyndral 5d 5h 49 147 218 275 Khelonaar 6d 14h 46 135 209 294 Elcysandir 5d 4h 52 154 220 308 Sinya Arda 5d 4h 49 149 218 292 Ceravyn 6d 4h 46 140...
  18. Iamaita

    Excess Ruin Shards

    Which ones will show up in the MA again if you already have one? I thought if you didn’t get your multiples in the original event then you were limited to one. I think the only time I have seen a base come up for something I already have is in that winter sorcery where you could the pick owl...
  19. Iamaita

    Using frogs

    Thank you @ed1960 Helpful as always. I will try some of these combos in round 2. :)
  20. Iamaita

    Using frogs

    So much good stuff here. Thank you all. I do usually default to golems for heavy range. I didn’t think about that in my earlier comment about first frogs then strategists. I will have to play with the frogs more and just get a feel for when they are good. @Darielle you have me convinced to...