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Search results

  1. Crystal01

    Discussion 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    I have been waiting also! BOTH my chapters 16 and 17 give the SAME amount of 2200, so disappointed, my prince charming from 2 chapters ago gives more
  2. Crystal01

    Artifact Fragments

    i agree!
  3. Crystal01

    My competition entry (task 3)

    Happy Birthday :p:p:p:p
  4. Crystal01

    Discussion The May Celebration Event Discussion

    really liked how this event went! quest was achievable to ALL and paced out, still not happy about the presents/flowers. but over all good!
  5. Crystal01

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    PLEASE tell Inno they need to rebalance it. The pop/sf is not worth it. IT is way too big for such a small payout. design-wise yes LOVE, but no good if no one has room for it. we NEED all our beta friends or MODS to remind elvenar our space shortage calls for value. With ColdFire and May tree...
  6. Crystal01

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    sentient are you boosed goods, they are just advanced levels. I would think that the marble/steel on day one include your gum/moonstone,
  7. Crystal01

    Food with next event

    ;) yes, I know there's a may event. It will take time, but July's SUMMER event is still up in the air- and autumn brought last years panda bear= great chance to add to them
  8. Crystal01

    Food with next event

    The MA may have improved food supply, however, it's still scarce. I would LOVE as well as others in my fellowships if we can get a Building like the panda- BUT instead of a MM spell we want a pet food provider. PLEASE, Even if it's 1 food every 2 days, it would be so;);););) appreciated
  9. Crystal01

    Boosted Workshops

    Once upon a time in Elvenar, we were gifted a time reduction day for either workshops or factories. Remember? Some have never seen. I would like to PLEAD to offer that again. So many events- but this just let up keep up. With the spire, tourny, and normal research requirements. It would be SO...
  10. Crystal01

    "young" player looking for FS that enjoys participating in tournaments

    please apply at dragon riders, we can help you grow
  11. Crystal01

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    I do not like this, New quest to trade with the whole-seller. at least lower to 1 or 3, not forcing us to Buy 7 then 9/12! or just stick to accept trading or post trades. I have gotten this one several times in the same day. its wiping me out!! for no good reason if you do another event...
  12. Crystal01

    Relatively new player, but growing very quickly. Looking for new active fellowship

    We'd like you to join! Dragon riders --we are active in fellowship adv. and tournaments
  13. Crystal01

    mystery "gift" of diamonds

    If that person hasn't logged in recently- they will send a email offering diamonds to come back. But I have never received. That is the only time I know of anyone has gotten free diamonds besides contest.
  14. Crystal01

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    Thank you for offering this contest!!!!!!!!!! I hope i win ;););););)! and THANK YOU for my black Friday unicorn! :D:D I loveit! I'm glad i didn't give up on elvenar, we're all really seeing the love
  15. Crystal01

    Halflings farms and fields

    thank you- i just started and dont have fields yet
  16. Crystal01

    Dragon riders seeks Active players!

    We need more Crystal and Dust boosted players also
  17. Crystal01

    FA on June 25th ?

    nope, most my fellowship have said NO,just NO
  18. Crystal01

    Dragon riders seeks Active players!

    Hello, we are a fun bunch. We're hoping for a Planks boosted player. You will have no shortage in Trades. we now have 2 openings
  19. Crystal01

    We are looking you some fun players

    Dragon riders have some openings this week